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Anti-piracy, reimagined.

Prevent industrial scale content piracy with MovieLabs compliant, studio-approved security.

Anti-piracy and threat defense countermeasures stop pirates before they inflict devastating financial damage.

  • Monitor threats, stop content theft
  • Prevent parasitic piracy via the CDN
  • Stop ad fraud, credential and content theft
  • Disrupt pirates’ business model
  • Comply with MovieLabs standards
  • Meet studio security requirements
$ 0 B
in sports industry revenue losses per year.
$ 0 B
Views of pirated content annually. That's 6-12% of all views.
$ 0 B
in movie industry estimated losses per year.

Don't just find threats. Remove them.

Streamkeeper™ Cloud Solutions

Streamkeeper Pro

The first battle-ready solution to hunt down and take out video piracy


Cloud-native DRM solution to securely deliver premium content ​


Forensic Client and Source Watermarking solutions​


Anti-piracy security agent for video

On-Prem Solution


Content authority system pre-integrated with a global ecosystem

Achieve MovieLabs Compliance

Verimatrix has been on the Hollywood studio-approved list of anti-piracy and content protection vendors for many years. In fact, we’re part of an elite group of companies that meet the strict security and compliance standards set by MovieLabs, the non-profit research and development joint venture founded by the six major motion picture studios: Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal City Studios, Walt Disney Pictures and Television, and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

You will achieve MovieLabs compliance with end-to-end content security with Verimatrix. No operator has been denied licensing of premium content by a Hollywood studio when choosing Verimatrix content security or anti-piracy solutions such as our cloud-based Streamkeeper Multi-DRM, Streamkeeper Watermarking, Streamkeeper Pro, VCAS, DVB or IPTV. For operators who become Verimatrix customers, we can help you complete the studio security questionnaire so you can gain approval to distribute premium content over your OTT or PayTV platform.

How we do it

From months to minutes

Unmatched combination of anti-piracy tools + zero-code cybersecurity enables speedy launches with extremely fast integration.

Actionable analytics

Know what’s happening in the wild with your apps and devices

Throttled Approach

"Slider-bar Tuning" provides ability to tailor strength of security defense so you can determine the level of  severity of your anti-piracy response

Built For Industrial Scale Attacks

Handles new attacks very well – and is robust against return channel blocking

Anti-piracy that enables amazing.

Verimatrix helps customers confidently deliver experiences people love at the speed people live.

Video Protection & Anti-Piracy