Verimatrix Anti-Piracy Ebooks

Learn more about important topics within the anti-piracy world through our informative Ebooks, which cover multiple industries and technologies to give you a full view of what’s happening in this space.

The piracy landscape has shifted to streaming video on mobile apps. Learn how Counterspy detects and responds to these threats.
Introducing the DRM Ecosystem and Security Best Practices Guide – a comprehensive manual on how to protect your online video content from hackers and pirates. Don’t let them win!
A new data- driven approach can target the riskiest behaviour with surgical precision: cutting off criminals while improving the user experience for everyone else.
To better understand the current and future needs of the esports market, Verimatrix sponsored both a survey and video interviews of esports event organizers and team representatives; work performed by analyst house Omdia.
Omdia, the multi-billion-dollar global technology research powerhouse, recently named Verimatrix the highest-scoring leader in media & entertainment application shielding.
This comprehensive guide was created help security officers, application developers, and CTOs develop the best approach to protect banking and fintech applications from growing threats.
We surveyed 100+ successful TV operators to see what advice they have for newcomers looking to launch their own service. Download the eBook to get helpful advice and gain insights about how to navigate the possible roadblocks and the mountain of choices you’ll need to make along the way.
As streaming is now the dominate form of content consumption in sports and esports, content protection measures must be increased to safeguard revenue and reputation for rightsholders, studios and direct-to-consumer services.
As content owners mandate protection of OTT video applications, it’s high time that streaming media providers prioritize security. Read the eBook to learn how to protect streaming apps, revenue, and subscriber data.
Omdia, the multi-billion-dollar global technology research powerhouse, recently named Verimatrix the unambiguous Momentum Leader in its Video Content Security Scorecard: 2020 Edition. Read the eBook to find out more.
Verimatrix created this eBook to describe and dispel common myths, and ultimately help broadcast operators better understand their security options as they continue to enhance their networks in a more connected world.

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