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Hackers behind an obstacle trying to break through to the other side.
Threat Roundup

Cybersecurity Threat Roundup #6: Arid Viper, Caracal Kitten, iLeakage, and more

Stay vigilant against cyber threats with Verimatrix’s Cybersecurity Threat Roundup. Boost your defense strategy with timely advisories and intelligence reports.
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Threat Roundup

Cybersecurity Threat Roundup #5: EvilBamboo, Smishing Triad, WiKi-Eve and more

Stay vigilant against cyberattacks with Verimatrix’s Cybersecurity Threat Roundup. Enhance your knowledge with expert advisories and comprehensive intel.
A mobile device and a website interface with advanced security features for retail protection.

Securing the Storefront: Reimagining Retail Mobile App and Website Protections

Retailers create mobile apps to facilitate online shopping, but without app shielding, these apps are often vulnerable to hacking attempts and fraud.
A cybernetic spider crawling on a web of code.
Threat Advisory

GoldDigger: The Systematic Abuse of Android Accessibility Services Is Now a Thing

Read about the emergence of GoldDigger, a new Trojan exploiting Android Accessibility Services, and its impact on mobile banking security.

US Fintechs and Cybersecurity

With retail banks citing mobile banking as their top priority IT project based on Omdia’s ICT Enterprise Insights 2020/21 survey, financial apps are becoming the new normal. While mobile banking brings numerous opportunities, it also comes with application security challenges.


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The value of designed in security

July 17, 2023

US Fintechs and Cybersecurity

July 17, 2023

Mobile App Protection in Banking

July 17, 2023
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State of Enterprise Mobile App Security – 2023

November 16, 2023

Ensuring Mobile Gaming Security

October 15, 2023

Protecting Mobile Gambling Apps

July 20, 2023

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Human & Machine, Integrated

Our company believes in the power of humans and machines working together to combat cybersecurity threats. We will use the latest AI and machine learning technologies to augment the skills and expertise of our human analysts, creating a powerful partnership that can quickly and effectively respond to any threat.