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Tool Sprawl Versus No Security Tools At All

Learn about the challenges organizations face in prioritizing mobile app security amidst the backdrop of sprawling security tool environments.
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Threat Roundup

Cybersecurity Threat Roundup #10: Joker, Samecoin, SpyNote, and more

Stay updated on the latest mobile app threats with Verimatrix’s Cybersecurity Threat Roundup. Strengthen your defense strategy with expert advisories.
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Security Threats and Challenges Faced by Hospitality Mobile Apps and Websites

Heard about the MGM Resorts cyberattack? Verimatrix reveals the vulnerabilities exploited by malicious actors targeting hospitality mobile apps and websites.
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Safeguarding Mobile Apps: Insights from a Verimatrix-Sponsored Event

Check out this recap of an ISMG roundtable event spnsored by Verimatrix. Get exclusive access to discussions on generative AI, SDLC, and more.

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The value of designed in security

July 17, 2023

US Fintechs and Cybersecurity

July 17, 2023

Mobile App Protection in Banking

July 17, 2023
White Papers

Access our expert insights on cybersecurity.

OWASP Mobile Top 10

March 8, 2024

State of Enterprise Mobile App Security – 2023

November 16, 2023

Ensuring Mobile Gaming Security

October 15, 2023

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Human & Machine, Integrated

Our company believes in the power of humans and machines working together to combat cybersecurity threats. We will use the latest AI and machine learning technologies to augment the skills and expertise of our human analysts, creating a powerful partnership that can quickly and effectively respond to any threat.