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Verimatrix XTD: The Trusted Leader in Mobile App Security

XTD deploys an arsenal of defensive techniques including code obfuscation, anti-tamper technology, and environmental checks to shield mobile apps, detect threats, and respond to them effectively.

A screenshot showing how AI can be used on the Verimatrix XTD platform to predict cyber threats.

XTD assists security teams with:

Threat detection

One of the primary challenges for CISOs and SOC teams is identifying potential threats before they can cause harm. Verimatrix XTD is a mobile cybersecurity solution that continuously monitors your extended endpoints and detects suspicious activity or anomalies that could indicate a potential attack.

Incident response

CISOs and SOC often lack the capability to respond quickly and effectively to mobile security incidents. Cybersecurity tools like EDR and MTD may help, but can fail to detect millions of consumer device blind spots. Verimatrix XTD provides real-time alerts and detailed information about the nature and scope of all mobile threats, so you can remediate the incident.

Data protection

Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive mobile app data is another significant challenge for CISOs and SOC teams. Verimatrix XTD helps by monitoring and controlling data access, identifying data exfiltration attempts, and providing obfuscation, encryption and other protective measures.


There is no compromise in meeting regulatory compliance requirements, especially for CISOs and SOC teams. Cybersecurity tools like EDR and MTD can help, but these solutions have a blind spot – mobile app and consumer device threats. By providing audit trails, detailed logs, and other documentation that demonstrates compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR – Verimatrix XTD extends your compliance coverage.

Resource management

Many organizations face challenges in staffing and resourcing their cybersecurity programs adequately. Verimatrix XTD is a cybersecurity tool that can automate routine tasks, reducing your workload. We also use our AI/ML technology to help identify threat patterns – providing zero day early warnings. Additionally, we offer an optional monitoring and response service, using our data scientists to augment your internal teams.

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Overview of capabilities

XTD Protect

Shield your android & iOS apps with XTD Protect.

Mobile apps can provide an entry point to your wider IT systems. If they’re not properly protected, they can leave the business open to cyber attacks. As more and more companies embrace mobile experiences, attacks on the channel are increasing.

Security blind spots

Managing mobile cybersecurity can get lost in organizational gaps. Mobile app development teams typically operate separately from core enterprise technology and security teams, which can create blind spots in a firm's enterprise security.

Defensive techniques within the app

Hackers often analyze app code to gain an understanding of its logic, which makes app-centric organizations more vulnerable to hacker probing and cyber attacks. CISOs should look for enterprise solutions that utilize a range of defensive techniques to ensure optimum levels of protection.

In-App Techniques included:
• Code obfuscation
• Environmental checks
• Jailbroken and rooted device detection
• Tamper prevention
• Unmanaged device telemetry

App shielding and RASP

App shielding (also known as app protection) is at the core of Verimatrix XTD. Shielding an app involves hardening the app to make it difficult to reverse engineer and tamper with its behavior. RASP focuses on protecting the app while it's executing, and Verimatrix XTD Protect looks for threats against the app.

XTD Protect tools include:
• Code encryption
• Control flow obfuscation
• Runtime environmental checks
• Binary integrity checks
• Zero-day flags/blockers

App telemetry is critical

Without telemetry, businesses are blind to what’s happening in their app ecosystem, and it’s impossible to prevent, predict, or detect threats happening within your app or from the devices connecting to your app without having telemetry deployed on a device. Verimatrix Agentless Telemetry provides an amazing zero-code solution for anyone publishing Android or iOS apps — meaning you can protect and see what’s happening on any unmanaged consumer device that deploys Verimatrix XTD Protect.

Telemetry Benefits:
• Zero code: No extra development effort
• Agentless: No agent required on devices
• Instant monitoring of protected apps
• Instant monitoring of connected devices

CI/CD – Built for speed and efficiency

Verimatrix is a strong supporter of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), a process that empowers mobile teams to test and release code at a faster pace, leading to increased productivity and agility. By automating the integration, security injection, testing, delivery, and deployment of code, Verimatrix’s CI/CD friendliness ensures that your internal software development process is seamless, streamlined and secure.

Benefits of CI/CD integrations:
• Reduce risk
• Increase security
• Eliminate roadblocks
• Develop more efficiently
• Speed up release cycles

Overview of capabilities

XTD Detect & Respond

Verimatrix delivers an amazing cybersecurity experience with Extended Threat Defense (XTD); allowing customers to prevent, detect, respond and predict threats to their mobile applications and the devices that connect to their critical infrastructure.

We have expanded our detection capabilities to the network, beyond application and device level detections. We can access risk per application to protect the connection to the company critical infra. All of this is now available.

A quick walkthrough of XTD

Verimatrix XTD is a powerful and comprehensive cybersecurity solution that can help organizations stay protected against the latest cyber threats. Here is a brief walkthrough of our Detect & Respond dashboard using an example screenshot from our XTD solution.

The gauges

The top of the dashboard consists of 4 digital detection meters (or gauges) that allow you to get a complete overview of the protection and risk level of your infrastructure. Each gauge allows you to have a quick overview on different dimensions of the app ecosystem.

The upper left gauge shows all the suspicious events detected based on your mobile applications’ activity during the past month. Luckily, all of the 123 million captured events does not mean that you have high amount of threats coming from the mobile apps. Out of this huge amount of suspicious events, our artificial intelligence and machine learning agents will save you lot of time and effort by identifying those 15 detections, which you can further analyze in detail.

All of these 123 million events happened over 4.4 million instances of app installations. With the help of Verimatrix XTD and Verimatrix’s behavior analysis strengthened with AI/ML, it’s now really easy to do the impossible: quickly find the needle in the haystack. Looking at the second gauge, you can simply identify those 8 instances that might represent threats to your infrastructure and apps.

The Verimatrix XTD platform prevented 7 applications overall and only in the case of 2 apps were there any kind of suspicious activity that required attention. If you want to know what these apps were, you can easily view all the details through the third gauge.

Not all threats represent the same risk over your critical infrastructure and apps. While an installation on a rooted device represents a threat, tampering with or trying to debug the installed app means much higher risk overall. The fourth gauge delivers a complete overview of the risk levels over all the 8 threat instances.


When you want to know more, it’s possible to drill down to all the details and investigate further or even react. This is how Verimatrix XTD provides the full circle of detect and respond — extending your threat defenses to the farthest attack surface.

SIEM integration

Verimatrix XTD has integration capabilities with various security information and event management systems, which allows you to automate your prevent and detect capabilities end-to-end to align with the way you choose to manage your extended threats. You can find the status of SIEM integration and service readiness on the upper right corner of the dashboard header.

We can help you integrate Verimatrix XTD with your SIEM to enhance your threat detection, incident response, and security posture.

Today, XTD offers integrations with the following SIEM providers:

The joy of filtering

One of the most-convenient features of XTD detect and respond are the filtering features seen at the header of the dashboard. At all times you can adjust the time period of your monitoring and the refresh rate of your actual data. For fine-tuning your dashboard, advanced filtering allows you to define a wide range of possibilities. By applying these filters to all visualization and results, you will only be shown the information you really need.

Filter benefits:

Easily explore and analyze data to identify patterns, trends, and outliers

Generate better business outcomes, faster

Increase productivity with lightning fast data sorting and manipulation

Make more informed decisions based on accurate and relevant data

Find that threat needle in the haystack!

Overview of capabilities

XTD Predict

Expect the unexpected. Leveraging powerful AI/ML algorithms, XTD Predict collects and organizes event data to turn into actionable data that helps security teams predict potential threats in the future. Through advanced analytics algorithms that analyze large volumes of data from a variety of sources, including security logs, network traffic, and user behavior, XTD Predict helps organizations identify potential threats facing their industry or geographic location.

Zero Code/Agentless Implementation

Verimatrix XTD can be easily implemented in Android and iOS apps without any burden on mobile dev teams. This includes our award-winning, zero code deployment. Are hardened binding shields against signal spoofing, hijacking, or other attacks that can compromise the integrity of our telemetry.

OWASP Mobile Top 10

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Trusted and Recognized

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