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Cybersecurity Insights

A mobile device and a website interface with advanced security features for retail protection.

Securing the Storefront: Reimagining Retail Mobile App and Website Protections

October 26, 2023
A cybernetic spider crawling on a web of code.
Threat Advisory

GoldDigger: The Systematic Abuse of Android Accessibility Services Is Now a Thing

October 17, 2023
A mysterious man dressed in a well-tailored suit, standing in a large room full of floating spheres.

Dangerous Downloads: What the FDM Hack Teaches Us About Supply Chain Risks

October 6, 2023
A masquerade ball mask

Malware Masquerade: The Danger of Repackaged App Attacks and AI Voice Fraud

September 24, 2023

Human & Machine, Integrated

Our approach to cybersecurity is based on the Zero Trust model, which assumes that no user or device can be trusted by default. We will take a Zero Compromise stance on security, ensuring that every aspect of our clients’ systems and data is protected with the highest levels of encryption, access control, and authentication.