Verimatrix Streamkeeper

Hunt down and take out piracy.

Streamkeeper combines digital content security with app protection to defend against piracy.

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Stop pirates with Streamkeeper.

Our best-in-class products to stop digital piracy:


Studio-grade rights management to securely deliver video.

  • Feature-rich security.
  • Manage user entitlement on one unified system.
  • Open APIs for seamless integration.


Robust detection & response combined with app shielding to shut down piracy.

  • Real-time piracy detection
  • Automated countermeasures such as service termination, quality degradation, warnings.
  • Powerful app shielding technologies and robust monitoring.


Forensic client and server-side watermarking identification to trace and reveal content theft.

  • Rapid identification
  • Fast, convenient and automated Trace & Reveal service.
  • Streamlined deployment with numerous pre-integrations.

Or, upgrade to the full anti-piracy suite:

Streamkeeper Suite

Stop digital piracy with the full anti-piracy suite that includes:

Why choose Streamkeeper?

We provide operators confidence in their ability to protect their investment in content.

Built to fight against industrial-scale attacks.

Predict risks, track trends and infringement.

Actionable analytics refined by AI and machine learning.

Achieves MovieLabs compliance and follows industry best practices.

Fast integration with zero-code anti-piracy tools.

Designed for functionality and speed.

Not sure which Streamkeeper solutions are best for you?

We will help you find the right anti-piracy tools for your needs.

Streamkeeper helps you achieve compliance with ease.

As an ISO certified company (9001 and 27001:2022), Verimatrix helps businesses achieve compliance and meet the tough regulatory standards of industries.

Recognised by industry analysts and associations.

Product of the Year Award

2023 NAB Show

“… Streamkeeper (is) a product that has demonstrated its ability to help storytellers face the challenges of the present and future by revolutionizing a critical stage of the content lifecycle.”
Eric Trabb
SVP and Chief Customer Success Officer NAB Show

Winner: Best Content Protection Technology

CSI Awards 2022

“This win for Streamkeeper stands as a testament to Verimatrix’s commitment to ongoing content security innovations that help protect revenues, speed up time to market, and ensure excellent user experiences.”

Our customers rely on Streamkeeper to protect over 500M+ clients across devices.

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Trusted and Recognized

By industry analysts, associations, and peers

Trusted and Recognized

By industry analysts, associations, and peers