Secure your enterprise, your way.

No matter the size of your organization or the number of apps you deploy, Verimatrix XTD is priced in a value-based, flexible, and transparent manner. We offer a comprehensive package with a simple, tiered pricing model. Our service offerings are enhanced by XTD Cybersecurity Expert Service, our premium support that provides your SOC team with guidance and actionable insights so that you have a reliable partner when combating cyber attacks.

Verimatrix XTD

Our award-winning
cybersecurity solution.

Unlike other cybersecurity products in the marketplaces which restrict features based on price, all of Verimatrix XTD’s powerful features are available to customers upon subscription.

A screenshot showing how AI can be used on the Verimatrix XTD platform to predict cyber threats.
Prevent Detect & Respond Predict*
Shield Android and iOS apps with award-winning multilayer RASP security.
Monitor in-app and device-level threats. Detect and respond to attacks on a real-time platform.
Comprehensive, cyber threat intelligence based on human and machine (AI/ML).

*Available by end of 2023

Developer Toolkits

Secure apps in an instant.

Code Shield for Desktops or Embedded Web Shield Key Shield
On-premise developer tool for protecting apps and code. Covers desktop.
Protect JavaScript - either web apps or hybrid mobile apps.
On-premise developer tool for protecting cryptographic keys, algorithms and data.

XTD Cybersecurity Expert Service

Your extended security team.

XTD Cybersecurity Expert Service enables your organization to leverage our security expertise when managing cybersecurity. Our experienced security professionals provide monitoring reports, risk assessments, and expert guidance to equip your SOC teams with the insights they need to take action. With XTD, rest assured that your cybersecurity is in good hands.

Monitoring Reports

Gain a comprehensive overview of your digital environment.

Expert Guidance

Get answers to your questions from our cybersecurity experts.

Risk Reports

Gain a better understanding of potential threats to your organization.

Pricing model

Cybersecurity that scales with you.

XTD’s pricing model uses a tiered approach based on the number of active devices. An active device is a device where a unique app has been used at least once a month. We monitor your pricing tier based on the highest month of active devices per quarter across all your protected apps.

CI/CD Development Primer

XTD’s data value model ensures that the more data collected from protected apps, the greater value can be returned to our customers by enhancing XTD’s AI/ML capabilities.

Why choose XTD:

High Value

Powerful features to prevent, detect, respond, and predict all in one platform.

A platform that is equipped with many features to prevent, detect, respond, and predict cyber threats.


Scale pricing based on the number of active devices.

Pricing that is scalable depending on the number of active devices.


Anticipate monthly costs based on volume.

Monthy costs fluctuating due to the volume of cyber threats detected.

Scaling Value

The more data you provide XTD, the better protected you are.

A device protected by a powerful tool that grows stronger to handle multiple cyber threats.


No hidden fees and a simple, tiered pricing approach.


Unlock discounts as your active device count grows.

A discount being given for more active devices that are connected to the tool.

See how Verimatrix can secure your applications and data.