Environmental checks

App shielding outside of controlled ecosystems.

Talk to a specialist about securing your apps with Verimatrix XTD.

Talk to a specialist about securing your apps with Verimatrix XTD.

Create an automated check network.

You won’t always have control over the environment your apps run in; therefore, it is critical to take steps to secure your software no matter where it executes. Leverage automated technology that detects a range of threats and build a comprehensive check network, including:

Jailbreak/Root detection

Applications running on jailbroken/rooted devices have more privileges than intended by their operating systems, making them more susceptible to malware attacks.

Debugger detection

Debuggers were meant to be a development tool, but criminals have turned them into malicious weapons used to find vulnerabilities in your code and plan an attack. 

Emulator detection

Hackers use emulators to take your app out of its secure environment and run it on a desktop, making it easier to analyze source code and exploit vulnerabilities.

Environmental threats are no match for Verimatrix XTD.

Trusted in the toughest markets

Meet stringent security requirements in the toughest industries. Leaders in financial services, healthcare, and media & entertainment rely on Verimatrix XTD to achieve compliance and avoid attacks from all angles.

Zero code required

No specialist security knowledge is required to deploy XTD's easily configurable zero-code application protection solutions. Quickly implement enterprise-grade security without disrupting your roadmap.

Customize your app’s responses

XTD allows you to adjust an app’s reaction based on the detected environmental threat. Rather than disabling your app altogether, simply block the usage of certain features to protect the user experience.

Verimatrix XTD

Gain 360° protection against mobile threats from the edge and beyond with Verimatrix XTD.

It only takes one bad actor to infiltrate your enterprise’s data through an app from an unsecured device.

XTD gives you the ability to:

A screenshot showing how AI can be used on the Verimatrix XTD platform to predict cyber threats.

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