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XTD helps CISOs protect revenue streams by providing complete visibility into the risks facing their IT assets.

Protect revenue streams with confidence. XTD helps Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) gain complete visibility into the overall status of their assets. Through its powerful capabilities, CISOs can quickly assess the risk profile of their application install base and understand the main threats facing their business where mobile is the attack vector.

How XTD helps CISOs

Risk Management

Gain real-time visibility into assets, check for vulnerabilities, and prioritize risk efforts in appropriate areas.

Compliance Management

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements through detailed audits and reports.

Incident Response

Allocate security resources effectively when responding to security events in terms of workflow and escalation procedures.

Revenue Protection

Through its powerful capabilities to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks, organisations can protect revenue streams from being infiltrated by hackers.

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Protect your mobile applications, your revenue, and your business with frictionless security.

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Trusted and Recognized

By industry analysts, associations, and peers

Trusted and Recognized

By industry analysts, associations, and peers

Learn how you can manage mobile threats targeting your organization.