Verimatrix Code Shield

Secure your code with an enterprise-grade security toolkit.

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Talk to a specialist to get started.

Securing the best of the best

Build and deploy trustworthy applications.

In today’s connected world, apps are the main point of contact between businesses and consumers. It is critical to maintain customer trust and build secure apps that won’t become an entry point for hackers. If you are a bank or fintech company, medical device manufacturer, insurance company, healthcare portal or a developer of high-value, enterprise-focused apps, you need Verimatrix Code Shield.

This solution injects powerful, automated and self-defending security directly into your app. It hardens your app so it’s virtually impossible to modify, and it can be easily implemented at any stage of the development process.

Why choose Verimatrix Code Shield:

Meet the toughest industries’ requirements with proven security

Verimatrix Code Shield includes obfuscation, environmental checks, jailbreak and root detection that meet the strict security requirements of the most regulated industries. This automated solution helps financial services, healthcare, insurance, government, media & entertainment and manufacturing companies achieve compliance with stringent regulations.

Free up development resources with self-defending protection

Verimatrix Code Shield utilizes powerful, intelligent and automated tools applicable across any environment – including mobile and IoT platforms. This eliminates human error and allows development teams to focus on other priorities rather than spending time writing scripts or configuring tools.

Reduce time-to-market with easy implementation

This low impact, turn-key software security solution does not require code changes or SDK integration. By using an automated code analysis that integrates straight into your build system, you will dramatically reduce time-to-market and streamline maintenance after platform updates.

The power of Verimatrix Code Shield.

The right tools to keep your code secure.

Jailbreak & root detection

Automated detection of jailbroken and rooted phones is critical to ensure that your code is executing exactly the way you want it to.

Code obfuscation

Counteract static analysis of your code with powerful control flow, arithmetic and symbol obfuscation and string and section encryption.

Environmental checks

Environment checks allow you to trust that your code is executing where you want it to and not on a device of an attacker's choosing.

Robust anti-tamper technology

Tamper prevention creates a comprehensive “check network” to prevent protections from being lifted out of your app.

Prevent reverse engineering

Each area of code is protected by multiple automated checks, which greatly hinders reverse engineering attempts.

Intelligent, automated tools

Automated code analysis eliminates human error from complex build processes to ensure your app is trustworthy.

Achieve compliance

As an ISO certified company (9001 and 27001), Verimatrix Cybersecurity’s solutions help businesses achieve compliance and meet the regulatory standards of the toughest industries, such as Media and Entertainment, Telcos, Finance and Healthcare.




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