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Keep your customers’ patient data secure with healthcare cybersecurity.

The growing threat landscape of healthcare.

As the healthcare industry rapidly innovates, the risk of hackers and cybercriminals increases. Medical apps and patient devices, left unprotected, are vulnerable to data breaches and privacy violations. It has become imperative for healthcare organizations to invest in a solution that stays one step ahead of the enemy.

of all large data breaches occur in hospitals. 1


of healthcare organizations lack professional-grade security.


average total cost of a breach in the healthcare industry. 2

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What’s at risk?

As a prime target for hackers, the healthcare industry faces constant cybersecurity threats that risk divulging sensitive patient and medical data.
Patients' Personal Identifiable Information (PII) are vulnerable to hackers.

Patient Privacy

Following the pandemic, the industry began pivoting towards remote solutions and telehealth. Valuable data, such as a patient’s Personal Identifiable Information (PII), can be compromised without robust countermeasures in place.

Many devices used by people in the healthcare industry are vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Consumer Devices

Securing consumer devices is a priority. Millions of devices lie beyond the control of healthcare organizations. They are left vulnerable to cyberattacks, which can leak sensitive data and result in irreversible damage to their operations and reputation.

How XTD protects healthcare

Verimatrix XTD provides comprehensive protection for healthcare organizations, safeguarding their valuable mobile apps and shedding light on threat blind spots at the connected device level.

Reduces attack surface

By extending cybersecurity monitoring and response to unmanaged medical devices, XTD effectively reduces the attack surface by which hackers can infiltrate organizations.

Illuminates blind spots

With millions of medical devices connecting to apps, it’s hard to see where the vulnerabilities lie. XTD provides complete visibility over devices and connections so that appropriate countermeasures can swiftly be implemented.

Comply with regulations

XTD helps healthcare providers meet regulatory requirements, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Accelerate business agility

By protecting consumer devices and patient data, healthcare organisations and medical device manufacturers can safely invent and adopt new technology to help patients get the care they need.

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