iOS jailbreak detection

Run your code in safe iOS environments.

Talk to a specialist about securing your apps with Verimatrix XTD.

Talk to a specialist about securing your apps with Verimatrix XTD.

Detect and respond to jailbroken iOS devices.

Applications running in a jailbroken iOS device have more privileges than intended by Apple. To protect against malware and other risks posed by jailbroken devices, it is critical to secure your apps with solutions that detect vulnerable conditions and automatically respond to them.

Unprotected functionalities

Protecting your monetization strategy is critical. Jailbroken devices leave the door wide open for attackers to manipulate key features (e.g. in-app purchases) and circumvent security checks.

Malware vulnerabilities

In a recent attack, over 225,000 jailbroken iOS devices were hit by malware, resulting in the theft of account usernames, passwords, certificate and private keys. This is a growing trend.

Data privacy violations

Leaving your app vulnerable to jailbroken devices allows cybercriminals to easily steal your users’ personal data, resulting in costly fines, the fall of stocks, and loss of customer trust.

Jailbreak detection starts with Verimatrix XTD.

Zero code

With zero–code security options that detect and protect against jailbreak, you can quickly implement enterprise-grade app protection that won’t disrupt your roadmap. No specialist security knowledge is required to deploy Verimatrix’s easily configurable shielding solutions.

Pass pen tests and block malware

Ensure that your jailbreak detection algorithm is accurate and thorough. XTD’s automated, intelligent solutions remove the risk of human error creating vulnerabilities in your code and help you pass pen tests with ease.

Customize responses to environmental threats

Control features and fine tune your app security to meet your unique needs. Based on the detected threat, your team can adjust the application’s reaction. XTD allows you to simply block the usage of certain features in your app when a threat is detected rather than disabling it altogether.

Verimatrix XTD

Gain 360° protection against mobile threats from the edge and beyond with Verimatrix XTD.

It only takes one bad actor to infiltrate your enterprise’s data through an app from an unsecured device.

XTD gives you the ability to:

A screenshot showing how AI can be used on the Verimatrix XTD platform to predict cyber threats.

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