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Talk to a specialist to get started.

Talk to a specialist to get started.

Verimatrix XTD for websites is here!

With Verimatrix Web Protect, you can automatically scan and monitor third-party and open-source apps connecting to your website to uncover unauthorized data leaks, identify code vulnerabilities, and verify that your website is secure.

Uncover and monitor website blind spots.

Most modern websites are connected to third-party applications and open-source tools to enable business functionality and to enable the sharing of data feeds. Typically, these apps are not visible to standard security controls and present challenging and undetected security threats – such as client-side attacks, supply chain risks, and vulnerabilities in your online software.

With security and privacy regulations becoming stricter, an unsecure site that leaks data or compromises your code can create compliance headaches that can lead to costly fines and reputation damage.

Critical functionality

Web-skimming & Magecart

Full protection against a new, advanced attack method.

Web supply chain risks

Prevent vulnerabilities in your web app supply chain, and ensure all is working as intended.

Web exposure management

Proactively control your web exposure and prevent chaos with enhanced visibility.

Website privacy enforcement

Protect your clients’ data to minimize the risk of compliance violations and fines.

PCI compliance

Meet the new PCI-DSS v4 requirements and avoid costly fines.

Digital tag security

Take command over a complex tag environment and seamlessly scale your digital environment with comprehensive tag visibility and control.

Executed remotely,
no installation required.

Verimatrix Web Protect monitors and detects all 1st, 3rd, and 4th-party app vulnerabilities in your online ecosystem, enabling complete website visibility over your threat surface. It then effectively prioritizes and remediates risks and identifies compliance issues.

Key benefits:

Quick time to value

Get value from day one by utilizing a vast intelligence database to identify and prevent risks in your website right from the start.

Enhanced visibility

Gain superior visibility of all internal and external web components in a single view across multiple websites, assets, and teams.

Preemptive security

A unique behavioral analysis is conducted on all external code running on your website, allowing the detection and prevention of threats before they pose any risk.

Zero impact

No performance impact, IT resources, or access to sensitive data.

Intuitive UI

User-friendly, innovative, and accessible platform that is coherent and simple for non-technical users.

Continuous baseline

Our platform creating a baseline for behaviors and prioritizing alerts accordingly.

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Verimatrix XTD

Gain 360° protection against mobile threats from the edge and beyond with Verimatrix XTD.

It only takes one bad actor to infiltrate your enterprise’s data through an app from an unsecured device.

XTD gives you the ability to:

A screenshot showing how AI can be used on the Verimatrix XTD platform to predict cyber threats.

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