Giving Content Owners peace of mind over their IP.

Our anti-piracy solutions enable content distributors to achieve MovieLabs compliance, a movie studio-led standard that applies best practices in content protection.

When it comes to content distribution, trust is essential. That’s why Streamkeeper, our suite of anti-piracy solutions, enables content distributors to achieve MovieLabs compliance, a movie-studio led standard for content protection. That means our solutions follow best practices for digital rights management, platforms, and end-to-end systems. You can rest assured your content is being protected both at the source and at the points of distribution.

How we keep the trust of Content Owners.

Protect Revenues & Maintain Consumer Trust

The impact of piracy on sales and subscriptions is devasting. Luckily, our multi-layered approach to content protection ensures content integrity, exclusivity of access, and degradation of service quality when piracy is detected.

Tackle Piracy With Ease

We make content protection easy. Your content distributors benefit from our low-latency multi-DRM, which can be activated in 1-click. Our Watermarking enables them to trace and reveal super fast. And with Counterspy, they can proactively tackle threats and apply automated countermeasures in an instant.

Deliver Amazing While Staying Compliant

Our 360° anti-piracy solutions enables content distributors to achieve MovieLabs compliance, which means smooth, seamless operations while maintaining unparalleled security.

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Anti-piracy Suite

Verimatrix Streamkeeper delivers studio-approved digital content security combined with military-grade app shielding and automated anti-piracy countermeasures to provide operators with a fast, easy, and effective way to hunt down and take out pirates . It’s the complete content security package that’s consistently proactive, not just reactive.


Deliver premium content securely and rapidly without glitches.


Detect piracy threats and deploy countermeasures to curb the abuse.


Identify content leaks at distribution level and shut down illicit sources.

Streamkeeper Suite

All of our best-in-class products to stop digital piracy.

Securing the best of the best.

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