Verimatrix Key Shield

Advanced engineering toolkit to protect cryptographic keys.

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Talk to a specialist to get started.

Securing the best of the best

Top banks protect their apps with Key Shield.

Exposed cryptographic keys are a known vulnerability in app code. Verimatrix Key Shield effectively dissolves keys into the code itself and obscures algorithms to keep critical applications and data safe – even if a hacker has complete access to the device on which the algorithms are executing. This is why CTOs and chief compliance officers at many of the world’s leading banks use Verimatrix Key Shield to shield their consumer-facing apps from attack.

An engineering toolkit for crypto-security.

The Key Shield Whitebox Designer can be used to generate a unique cryptographic architecture to keep hackers from anticipating how to analyze and attack. The ability to define the optimum whitebox for your needs brings massive performance gains. By chaining algorithms, complex operations can be performed without the need to jump between multiple implementations.

Maintain exclusive control of your keys.

Traditional whitebox vendors provide a pre-compiled library, which means that the vendor “unlocks” the whitebox. If these keys are shared between multiple customers, someone else’s insecure application can put yours at risk. With Verimatrix Key Shield, you always remain in control of your own keys. We never see them, and they can never be shared by other implementations.

Jettison hardware security with a pure software approach.

Dependency on hardware can be costly and cumbersome, which is why Verimatrix Key Shield operates in a pure software environment without the need for expensive, resistive hardware. With this approach, an application can support any device without any provisioning fees or the hassle of arranging and paying for access needs.

Build your custom cryptographic architecture.

Any algorithm

Protect any algorithm including AES, AES-GCM, (3)DES, RSA, ECDSA, ECC Key Gen, ECDH, HMAC, SHA, 3DES MAC and AES-MAC.

Any platform

This flexible security solution empowers you to protect content and data on any platform regardless of device state.

Any key

Even when running in an exposed environment, Key Shield achieves a secure boundary by dissolving keys and protecting secrets.

End-to-end support

Our team’s deep experience in app protection streamlines support for implementation, integration, testing, and maintenance.

Software environment

Operating on a pure software environment, you won’t be held back by the dependencies and costs of resistant hardware.

Customized security

A unique graphical designer allows you to quickly and easily define your own error-free cryptographic architecture.

Achieve compliance

As an ISO certified company (9001 and 27001), Verimatrix Cybersecurity’s solutions help businesses achieve compliance and meet the regulatory standards of the toughest industries, such as Media and Entertainment, Telcos, Finance and Healthcare.




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