Integrating security into mobile apps for research and product development.

XTD helps engineering, product, and R&D teams build secure mobile apps without delay.

No source code adjustments, no lengthy integration process — XTD’s zero-code injection makes it fast and effortless to inject powerful security into mobile apps. By integrating XTD into a CI/CD workflow, developers can identify and address security vulnerabilities early on in the development process, enabling faster speed-to-market.

How XTD helps Engineering,
Product, and R&D

Zero-code Integration

Integrate XTD without code or a lengthy integration process that could cause unnecessary delay.

Security Compliance

Accelerate security certification compliance and add enhanced security features that go beyond the minimum.


Save time, money, effort, hassle, strain on resources and human error during the development process to get to market faster.

Securing the best of the best.

Secure your enterprise today.

Protect your mobile applications, your revenue, and your business with frictionless security.

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Trusted and Recognized

By industry analysts, associations, and peers

Trusted and Recognized

By industry analysts, associations, and peers

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