Monitor, detect and shut down pirates in real-time with ML-powered video content protection.

Counterspy: Securing the Streaming Seas

Read this ebook to gain a comprehensive view of the rising threat landscape against streaming apps, how attacks on streaming apps are leading to losses in reputation and revenue, and how Counterspy tackles these threats using advanced AI/ML technology.

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Counterspy redefines security for anywhere, any device entertainment.

Counterspy goes beyond traditional methods to ensure top-tier security for media app subscribers, safeguarding content across various devices.

It fills the gap in authentication created by the shift from operator-controlled set top box hardware to retail or app-based OTT clients, allowing operators to distribute content confidently while preventing piracy. With Counterspy, each app instance is authenticated and tied to a specific subscriber, ensuring transparency and control over access.
By safeguarding the authentication token from theft or manipulation, Counterspy prevents abuse and ensures legitimate access to content, going above and beyond traditional DRM vendors.

How Counterspy works.

Counterspy is an anti-piracy agent utilizing proprietary app security technology, enabling customers to add deep, defensive counter measures, plus monitor their clients, to efficiently fight piracy at the source.

For best-in-class protection, combine Counterspy with Multi-DRM and Watermarking.

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