Refuse to lose the battle against piracy with advanced threat defense.

Monitor, detect and shut down pirates in real-time with ML-powered video content protection.

Discover the next generation anti-piracy solution:

Real-time piracy detection

Automated countermeasures like service termination, quality degradation, warnings

Robust monitoring against credential and key theft

Powerful app shielding technologies

Rapid threat response capabilities

Piracy attacks

Credential theft


Ad fraud

CDN exploits

Protect against abuse of 3rd party DRM

Prevent theft of tokens, client IDs, decryption keys

Stop ad fraud schemes

Lock down credentials and user access

Block circumvention of protection measures

Protect any connected consumer device

Stop pirates from using your CDN.

Counterspy redefines security for the modern BYOD-connected era.

Counterspy goes beyond traditional set-top box protections to enable robust, studio-grade content security across any device utilizing media apps customers choose to use.

Counterspy fills the authentication gap left by the shift away from operator-controlled hardware, safeguarding previously vulnerable identity factors against theft.

This allows operators to confidently distribute experiences once locked to proprietary platforms, while opening new revenue opportunities. Counterspy uniquely protects against credential theft, circumvention, app fraud and more – capabilities beyond current Multi-DRM vendors. It’s a huge leap forward for protection on modern devices.

Media App Vulnerabilities Exposed

As content owners mandate protection of OTT video applications, it’s high time that streaming media providers prioritize security. Read the eBook to learn how to protect streaming apps, revenue, and subscriber data.

How Counterspy works.

Counterspy is an anti-piracy agent utilizing proprietary app security technology, enabling customers to add deep, defensive counter measures, plus monitor their clients, to efficiently fight piracy at the source.

For best-in-class protection, combine Counterspy with Multi-DRM and Watermarking.

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Streamkeeper Suite

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Trusted and Recognized

By industry analysts, associations, and peers