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Streaming Media

Distribute, monetize and safeguard OTT video content.

Streaming Media Requires 360-Degree Security

As the OTT market expands at a rapid rate and the content workflow becomes more fragmented, challenges and security threats loom. In under a decade, the number of US households subscribing to paid streaming video services increased by 450%, and it’s critical to secure each viewing session. Verimatrix offers subscribers seamless experiences while ensuring that content owners’ stringent security requirements are met.

Navigate evolving OTT, IPTV, and VoD obstacles.

Increasing security regulations

Release windows are shrinking, causing rights owners to increase security requirements for premium content—operators must keep up to gain access to the titles their viewers crave.

Fragmented content workflows

As the OTT market evolves and more vendors enter the scene, frictionless security integrations and unified processes are critical to optimize bandwidth and maximize efficiencies.

Threats of piracy and data theft

Because billions are lost to piracy each year, robust, end-to-end security solutions are necessary to protect revenue streams and keep premium content out of the wrong hands.

Reap the benefits.

Security at the service of user experience

Content owners and operators need to showcase premium video content securely while ensuring swift transitions across all devices and networks. Log-in and authentication experiences must also be frictionless and elegant to avoid costly subscriber churn. Verimatrix offers security solutions made for people – prioritizing usability and UX for you and your end users while protecting your most valuable assets.

Optimize your workflow and scale easily by leveraging the cloud

OTT providers have a pressing need to preserve profit margins by ensuring content is secure from initial distribution to viewer playback device. With a cloud solution, it’s easy to scale up or down based on demand. Verimatrix offers flexible cloud and hybrid security solutions that are quickly and easily deployed. The cloud also enables SaaS models for fast, affordable ways to protect premium content as it streams.

Keep content and data away from cybercriminals

Piracy and data breaches are major contributors of lost revenue in streaming media. Illegitimate distribution undermines the value of premium content, and data breaches can lead to hefty non-compliance fines, as well as loss of customer trust. Verimatrix offers end-to-end content and application security solutions to prevent a wide range of attacks and safeguard your business.

How Safeguarding Streaming Sports and Esports from OTT Piracy Can Impact Your Bottom Line

As streaming is now the dominate form of content consumption in sports and esports, content protection measures must be increased to safeguard revenue and reputation for rightsholders, studios and direct-to-consumer services.

Tools to grow your streaming media business​.


Anti-Piracy Solutions

Verimatrix Streamkeeper delivers studio-approved digital content security combined with military-grade app shielding and automated anti-piracy countermeasures to provide operators with a fast, easy, and effective way to hunt down and take out pirates. It’s the complete content security package that’s consistently proactive, not just reactive.


Deliver premium content securely and rapidly without glitches.


Detect piracy threats and deploy countermeasures to curb the abuse.


Identify content leaks at distribution level and shut down illicit sources.

Streamkeeper Suite

All of our best-in-class products to stop digital piracy.

Verimatrix VCAS

Vermatrix VCAS solutions are pre-integrated with a vast global ecosystem and have proven interoperability with subsystem providers (including billing, encoding, middleware and application vendors). This gives you the freedom to work with partners of your choice for your video content workflow needs – all while maintaining studio-compliant security levels.

Awards & Accolades

Verimatrix Streamkeeper wins Gold in Telecom Innovations

2023 NAB Show Product of the Year Award

Verimatrix Streamkeeper™ Named Best Content Protection Technology

Verimatrix Streamkeeper™ Wins the Revenue Security Award 2022

For all things security, Verimatrix has you covered.

For over 29 years, Verimatrix has empowered our customers and partners to secure everything from Hollywood content and live streaming sports, to sensitive financial and healthcare data, to mission-critical mobile apps, connected cars, IoT, gaming and eSports.

Verimatrix supplies us with the needed anti-piracy protections and overall peace of mind that Hollywood studios demand when switching to streaming virtual events.”

Jay Rinsky

Founder, Little Cinema

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Trusted and Recognized

By industry analysts, associations, and peers