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Autonomous Zero Code Defense

How Counterspy™ works?

Counterspy™ is the autonomous injection of an anti-piracy security agent utilizing Verimatrix’ proprietary zero code technology; which allows customers to add deep, defensive countermeasures, plus monitor their clients, without the hassle of a huge integration effort. 

An autonomous security solution

Injecting Counterspy in your streaming video app is easy, once implemented you will be able to detect piracy within the next twenty minutes. The real game changer though is the ability to counteract the pirated stream as soon as it’s detected. Forget having to wait 24 hours for the stream to be legally removed. Counterspy allows you to decide straight away what you wish to do: you can downgrade the video quality, have a notification pop up on the user screen or even cut the pirated stream altogether.

Counterspy is part of the Streamkeeper™ ecosystem

Cloud-First Solutions


DRM enhanced with one-time authentication tokens​

Forensic Watermarking

Verify actual piracy via fingerprint verification

Edge Authenticator

Prevent pirates from using the operators CDN via tokenization

Cybersecurity that enables amazing.

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Video Protection & Anti-Piracy