Simplifying security for Product & Engineering teams.

We make it easy to secure video content and stay compliant to accelerate your speed to market.

Whether you’re the Chief Technology Officer, a product engineer, or an app developer, the Streamkeeper suite of anti-piracy solutions helps you protect your live broadcast or streaming video content. We’re also one of the few vendors that can protect the entire content distribution ecosystem, which ensures MovieLabs compliance. This helps you earn the trust of both content owners and movie studios alike.

How we help Product & Engineering teams.

Secure Revenue Streams

If your content is leaking, you’re losing money. Streamkeeper helps tackle piracy both at the source and at the points of distribution so that only paying customers can benefit from exclusive access.

Maintain Premium Access

Our anti-piracy solutions disable unauthorized users from accessing your content, enhancing its integrity and preserving your brand’s reputation as a premium distributor.

Ensure Fast, Seamless Protection

Streamkeeper can be onboarded within days, and content can be secured with 1-click. This lets you focus your resources on what really matters, delighting your audience!

Deliver Amazing while Staying Compliant

Our 360° anti-piracy solutions enables content distributors to achieve MovieLabs compliance, which means faster speed of market while maintaining unparalleled security.

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Anti-piracy Suite

Verimatrix Streamkeeper delivers studio-approved digital content security combined with military-grade app shielding and automated anti-piracy countermeasures to provide operators with a fast, easy, and effective way to hunt down and take out pirates . It’s the complete content security package that’s consistently proactive, not just reactive.


Deliver premium content securely and rapidly without glitches.


Detect piracy threats and deploy countermeasures to curb the abuse.


Identify content leaks at distribution level and shut down illicit sources.

Streamkeeper Suite

All of our best-in-class products to stop digital piracy.

Securing the best of the best.

Tell us about your anti-piracy needs and we'll craft a solution package specifically tailored to them.