App telemetry, agentless

Mobile app security has become a top concern for enterprises. App telemetry is a powerful tool that can help organizations gain visibility into mobile app security by providing real-time information on usage, performance, and security.

Verimatrix Agentless Telemetry is a powerful cybersecurity intelligence technology that helps enterprises gain visibility into mobile app security and connected endpoint device threats while protecting their sensitive data and intellectual property from cyber threats.

82% of organizations

reported that the majority of their corporate data is accessible to users via mobile devices.1

59% of organizations

said that their company lacks sufficient mobile security expertise.2

5 out of 10

organizations have suffered a compromise involving a mobile device.3

  1. IDC, 2020 Enterprise Mobility Decision Maker Survey: Security Highlights
  2. Ponemon Institute / IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence
  3. https://www.verizon.com/business/resources/reports/mobile-security-index/

What is app telemetry?

Configuring your mobile app for telemetry is how you collect data once your app is released into the wild. Without telemetry, you’re blind to what’s happening to your app — and it’s impossible to prevent, predict or detect threats happening to your app, or from the devices connecting to your app. Cybersecurity telemetry is specific automated remote measurement and data collection that Verimatrix provides.

Verimatrix Agentless Telemetry

We call our telemetry solution Verimatrix Agentless Telemetry. Not only do we provide tele-metering services, we also allow our customers to deploy it instantly without having to install an agent. It is a zero code solution which requires no additional development effort on your end.

We can integrate our telemetry into your existing CI/CD production pipeline, meaning you don’t need to change your existing app development and publishing processes. Whether Android or iOS apps, Verimatrix Agentless Telemetry works on both managed and unmanaged devices – giving you a view into your mobile device endpoints that dramatically extends your threat surface monitoring capabilities.

A diagram of icons illustrating how Verimatrix XTD platform's agentless telemetry works.

Agentless telemetry provides actionable data.

Once Verimatrix Agentless Telemetry is deployed on your published mobile app, data collection begins immediately and is fed into our Secure Delivery Platform where it’s converted into intelligent analytics, dashboards entries and reports that SOC teams can investigate to make critical decisions to safeguard your organization from cyber threats.

Event Data (sample)
Integrity Data (sample)
Device Characteristics Data (sample)
Application Data (sample)
Network Data (sample)
Risky Events (sample)

Final thoughts

Verimatrix Agentless Telemetry is a critical technology that helps enterprises identify and mitigate potential cybersecurity gaps and vulnerabilities in their mobile apps, as well as their app ecosystems of connected devices. If you’re a CISO or SOC team member looking for a cybersecurity intelligence tool that provides real-time insights into mobile app security, enabling you to protect your sensitive data and intellectual property from cyber threats, get a free demo of Verimatrix XTD today. XTD Protect includes Verimatrix Agentless Telemetry.

With the increasing importance of mobile app security and speed to market being business imperative, Verimatrix’s effortless, zero code app telemetry is a must-have technology for any business in the app business.

Secure your enterprise with XTD today.