Anti-tamper technology

Trust your code and security with tamper prevention.

Talk to a specialist to get started.

Talk to a specialist to get started.

Close security gaps to prevent code modification and app fakes.

Tamper prevention keeps your software running as intended. It builds a network of micro-checks to prevent any modification and ensure that your code will only execute within the context of your app. With Verimatrix XTD’s automated solutions and anti-tamper techniques, your code will constantly check itself with built-in protection.

Prevent a wide range of attacks, including:

App repackaging

An imposter application (sometimes called a “clone”) hurts more than just your business – it compromises valuable intellectual property and destroys customer trust.

Runtime manipulation

Anti-tamper technology keeps hackers from modifying your app’s execution to learn its weaknesses and bypassing security features to misuse the software.

IP theft

Your app contains valuable IP that you spent time and money developing. Without tamper prevention, criminals can cut algorithms and assets from your app.

Shut the door on hackers with anti-tamper technology.

Build a network of thousands of micro-checks

Rather than relying on a limited number of macro checks, Verimatrix’s anti-tamper technology interweaves thousands of micro checks with your functional code. This creates deep integration with your app and makes it much more difficult for a hacker to circumvent.

Customize app security for specific use cases

Anti-tampering technology protects your app from modification at runtime. As part of XTD Prevent, you can control features and fine tune your app security to meet your unique needs. Based on the detected threat, your team can adjust the application’s reaction to to suit your appetite for risk.

Multiple approaches for strong anti-tamper protection.

Bytecode level anti-tamper for Android apps

Unlike other approaches, XTD Prevent provides real anti-tamper to apps developed in Java or Kotlin. This is achieved by moving sensitive code out of the virtual machine, which makes it possible for your app to distinguish between bytecode translation variations and malicious tampering.

Anti-tamper protection for bitcode-enabled iOS apps

For the first time, developers can provide much-needed anti-tamper protections for the burgeoning Bitcode* iOS market. XTD Prevent makes it possible with a new elastic anti-tamper feature that provides an ongoing comparison to identify potentially dangerous tampering by cybercriminals.

Verimatrix XTD

Gain 360° protection against mobile threats from the edge and beyond with Verimatrix XTD.

It only takes one bad actor to infiltrate your enterprise’s data through an app from an unsecured device.

XTD gives you the ability to:

A screenshot showing how AI can be used on the Verimatrix XTD platform to predict cyber threats.

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