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Extended Threat
Defense (XTD)

A screenshot showing how AI can be used on the Verimatrix XTD platform to predict cyber threats.
Global Infosec Award 2023

Protect your enterprise
from blind spots.

Verimatrix XTD extends beyond your existing MTD and EDR security to protect threats from unmanaged devices. Powered by AI/ML, detect and respond to threats before your enterprise is compromised.


Start with RASP and shielding to create bulletproof apps.


Monitor and detect attacks, anomalies and suspicious behavior.


Receive guidance for mitigating threats and apply countermeasures.


Actionable threat intelligence to prepare for future attacks.

Tackling the fastest growing
attack surface.

While many organizations have some form of cybersecurity protection for their managed devices (employee devices), XTD is one of the only cybersecurity solutions to address multi-vector threats stemming from unmanaged (consumer) mobile devices.

Managed (Employee)

Security agent installed on employee devices.

Most enterprises use existing comprehensive mobile and endpoint security to protect employee devices.

Cybersecurity, extended

The pink arrow represents threats to your enterprise data from your company’s apps. The explosion in the number of mobile apps, consumer devices, and users has led to a rapidly expanding cybersecurity attack surface that most organizations have no control over.
Verimatrix Extended Threat Defense (XTD) is a new type of threat defense that helps CISOs, SOC teams, engineers, and mobile app developers prevent, detect, respond and predict threats originating from the mobile app to the edge.

Unmanaged (Consumers)

No security agent installed on customer devices.

Most enterprises only have basic app security to satisfy app store requirements.

A diagram showing how extensive is Verimatrix XTD platform's extended threat defense.

As the number of apps grow, so do attack surfaces. Hackers take advantage of security vulnerabilities from connected apps to infiltrate critical IT infrastructure and deploy threats including phishing, ransomware, zero-day attacks and others.

XTD predicts, prevents, detects, and responds to these threats before they can cause damage to an organization.

Get started. Faster.

Zero code

XTD’s proprietary zero-code technology allows customers to add deep, defensive countermeasures without the hassle of integration.

The Verimatrix XTD platform has zero-code technology.

Inject protection into mobile apps with ease. XTD's advanced protection does not require end users to install a separate security agent.

The Verimatrix XTD platform does have agentless telemetry.
Automated CI/CD

XTD integrates directly into a CI/CD workflow, enabling developers to seamlessly integrate powerful security without delaying the app development process.

The Verimatrix XTD platform allows for seamless CI/CD integration.
SIEM integrated

Tailor-made to meet your security needs, XTD’s SIEM-integrated platform allows you to cut through the noise and identify high-risk threats.

The Verimatrix XTD platform has SIEM integration.

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Trusted by CISOs and
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Security Operations Center (SOC)

Deploy powerful countermeasures to thwart attacks.


Gain full visibility of security risks enterprise-wide.

Fraud Prevention Department

Prevent sophisticated fraudsters from infiltrating your organization.

R&D, Engineering, Product

Develop secure apps with ease.

Protecting the apps that
drive the digital economy.

If your enterprise has an app, you need XTD.

Our experts reveal how hackers are using mobile applications to gain access to an enterprise’s critical IT infrastructure, and how we built XTD to stop them in their tracks.

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