In February 2024, cybersecurity experts from the healthcare and banking sectors convened at an ISMG roundtable event sponsored by Verimatrix. The event delved deep into the topic of safeguarding mobile applications. With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats at the mobile endpoint, understanding and mitigating risks associated with mobile applications, especially apps that run on unmanaged consumer devices, is becoming a topic of growing interest (and cyber-concern).

Identifying Threat Vectors and Risks

Throughout the event, attendees engaged in discussions regarding the multifaceted threat landscape surrounding mobile applications. From insecure authentication methods to vulnerabilities in code and third-party libraries, the spectrum of risks was explored in various levels of depth. Privacy and data security emerged as focal points of concern, reflecting the growing awareness of compliance requirements and the potential repercussions of security breaches on both customers and businesses.

Software Development Lifecycle: A Crucial Focus

A significant portion of the event centered around dissecting the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and its implications for application security. Attendees delved into various stages of the SDLC, emphasizing the importance of incorporating security measures from the initial design phase to deployment. Practices such as threat modeling, code scanning, and continuous security testing were highlighted as essential components of a robust security framework.

Exploring Generative AI in Software Development

The conversation turned to generative AI (GAI) and its role in software development. Attendees engaged in discussions about the use of coding solutions like GitHub Copilot. Concerns were raised regarding the reliance on GAI for code generation, particularly regarding the security implications and the challenges faced by junior developers in discerning the safety of generated code.

Balancing Security and Usability

A key theme that emerged from the event was the delicate balance between security and usability in mobile applications. Participants deliberated on the challenges of implementing stringent security measures without compromising the user experience. The discussion underscored the importance of finding equilibrium between robust security protocols and seamless user interaction.

Addressing Third-party Integration and Dependencies

While the topic of third-party integration and dependencies was touched upon, it did not garner too much traction among attendees. But the importance of scrutinizing third-party components for security vulnerabilities was reiterated as an essential aspect of application security.

Metrics and KPIs for Measuring Security

The event shed light on the ongoing challenge of defining metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring security in software development. Participants acknowledged the need for standardized metrics to assess the effectiveness of security measures accurately.

Verimatrix's Approach to Mobile App Security

As the event drew to a close, Verimatrix took the opportunity to share insights into their approach to securing mobile applications. Emphasizing the importance of protecting code, binaries, and company secrets from exposure, Verimatrix highlighted the significance of shielding and obfuscating apps to thwart potential attacks. Free demos of the company’s XTD family of cybersecurity solutions were offered to all.


Attendees expressed gratitude for the valuable insights gleaned from the event, affirming its success in fostering meaningful discussions and knowledge exchange. This roundtable provided a casual platform for industry professionals to explore and address the evolving challenges in cybersecurity. From dissecting threat vectors to discussing the role of emerging technologies like generative AI, the event served as a catalyst for advancing the collective understanding of mobile application security. As cyber threats continue to evolve, initiatives like these play a pivotal role in fortifying defenses.

Thank you, ISMG, for being such a wonderful host!