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Delight fans, protect content, grow revenue.

Grow your sports streaming business with content and application security.

Sports fans crave frictionless experiences across their multiple devices. This includes seamless authentication, access to a robust content library and personalized bundles. With Verimatrix’s suite of live-streaming and OTT solutions, you will deliver your most exciting events to large audiences and leverage scalable, real-time video content across any device and platform.

Deliver great experiences on any device

Gain access to the high-value sports content fans want while delighting them with a seamless experience on any screen and any network. Protect your content across all devices and network types with Verimatrix’s scalable 4K/UHD-compliant Multi-DRM that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

Streamline subscriber authentication

Quickly connect compelling sports content with audiences anywhere, anytime. Verimatrix TV Everywhere Authentication enables agility and responsiveness even with millions of simultaneous viewers and authentication requests. Provide a frictionless user experience across all devices with this cloud-based approach that scales up or down as needed, while also achieving geographic diversity.

Detect and deter piracy

Parks Associates estimates that video piracy will cost Pay TV and OTT providers $9.1 billion this year alone. The proliferation of live sports streaming has underscored the need to protect content assets from misuse and unauthorized redistribution. Protect your revenue streams and rapidly identify the source of piracy leaks with Verimatrix Watermarking solutions.

Boost your bottom line with actionable insights

Tapping into real-time and historical data can help you create better fan experiences while boosting your bottom line. Utilize Verimatrix Analytics to guide business decisions, create compelling bundles for subscribers and identify any playback issues.

Safeguard your apps

Fans interact with sports teams, leagues, games and special events through media apps, and it Is critical to protect them with automated, intelligent security. An unprotected playback app can be the entry point of an attack on your network, resulting in loss of revenue and a breach of your customer’s trust. Build secure apps for sports media with Verimatrix Counterspy, an app shielding solution for media apps.

How Safeguarding Streaming Sports and Esports from OTT Piracy Can Impact Your Bottom Line

As streaming is now the dominate form of content consumption in sports and esports, content protection measures must be increased to safeguard revenue and reputation for rightsholders, studios and direct-to-consumer services.

Solutions for end-to-end content protection.


Anti-Piracy Solutions

Verimatrix Streamkeeper delivers studio-approved digital content security combined with military-grade app shielding and automated anti-piracy countermeasures to provide operators with a fast, easy, and effective way to hunt down and take out pirates. It’s the complete content security package that’s consistently proactive, not just reactive.


Deliver premium content securely and rapidly without glitches.


Detect piracy threats and deploy countermeasures to curb the abuse.


Identify content leaks at distribution level and shut down illicit sources.

Streamkeeper Suite

All of our best-in-class products to stop digital piracy.

Verimatrix VCAS

Vermatrix VCAS solutions are pre-integrated with a vast global ecosystem and have proven interoperability with subsystem providers (including billing, encoding, middleware and application vendors). This gives you the freedom to work with partners of your choice for your video content workflow needs – all while maintaining studio-compliant security levels.

Awards & Accolades

Verimatrix Streamkeeper wins Gold in Telecom Innovations

2023 NAB Show Product of the Year Award

Verimatrix Streamkeeper™ Named Best Content Protection Technology

Verimatrix Streamkeeper™ Wins the Revenue Security Award 2022

For all things security, Verimatrix has you covered.

For over 29 years, Verimatrix has empowered our customers and partners to secure everything from Hollywood content and live streaming sports, to sensitive financial and healthcare data, to mission-critical mobile apps, connected cars, IoT, gaming and eSports.

“With multiple media apps to support deployed across millions of devices, we look forward to the benefits that Verimatrix’s enhanced security solutions will provide to our business, which will allow us to focus on serving our customers.”

Carlos Eduardo Romero

Video and Hubs Director at izzi

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Trusted and Recognized

By industry analysts, associations, and peers