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How Safeguarding Streaming Sports and Esports from OTT Piracy Can Impact Your Bottom Line

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The events of 2020 accelerated trends toward digital distribution in sports and esports, and streaming has now become the dominate form of content consumption in these valuable markets. Now more than ever, content protection measures must be increased to safeguard revenue and reputation for rightsholders, studios and direct-to-consumer services.  

With spectatorship halted for popular sporting events and in-person esports tournaments, the broadcasted live streams are reaching audiences of unprecedented proportions. In all, sports-related distribution has never been a juicier target for video pirates.

In the streaming wars – where every viewer matters and every dollar counts – digital content providers with comprehensive security in place are the most likely to survive and thrive.

It’s high time to make content and app protection a priority. This new eBook lights the path for those seeking to stream and protect sports and esports content by highlighting best practices to thwart video streaming and OTT piracy.

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Video Protection & Anti-Piracy