Distribute content securely and rapidly with ease.

Our Multi-DRM provides a simple and powerful way to manage access and secure content distribution.

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Streamkeeper Multi-DRM puts your business in control of all aspects of digital assets protection.

Feature-rich content protection

All the latest capabilities – CMAF packaging and 4K/UHD protection.

High availability

Geo-redundancy reduces latency and provides disaster recovery.

Redundancy capabilities

Operate without glitches during popular live events.

Unified management streamlined

Manage user entitlement and access on one unified system.

Superior integrations with Open APIs

Partnership platforms integrate seamlessly with Streamkeeper Multi-DRM.

Advanced DDoS protection

Native cloud security enables deeper levels of DDos protection.

SSL/TLS scanning

Monitors all communication layers and endpoints.

Country geo-fencing

Location-based authentication to meet regional requirements.

Intrusion detection

Continuous monitoring of cloud services.

Web API endpoint safety

Active scanning to protect against OWASP’s top API threats.

Cost-effective and usage-based billing

Cost-saving technologies means you only pay for what you use.

Completely elastic and scalable

No need to overprovision your infrastructure to prepare for large events.

Get up and running at SaaS speeds

Location-based authentication to meet regional requirements.

Pricing on the cloud

On-premise operators can significantly lower costs with hybrid pricing

Web API endpoint safety

Active scanning to protect against OWASP’s top API threats.

Verimatrix Analytics

Uncover real-time data and historical business intelligence with ease.


Identify the source and target of distribution for traceability of the content leak.


Detect and respond to cyber threats autonomously and instantly with countermeasures

Multi-DRM is compatible with PlayReady, Widevine and FairPlay.

Multi-DRM reduces the complexity and cost of managing multiple DRM systems, by using a single backend service capable of handling different DRM schemes.

“By seamlessly integrating Verimatrix Streamkeeper Multi-DRM with Scalstrm’s Origin and CDN platforms, we are not only enhancing the efficiency and scalability of our services, but also ensuring top-notch content protection.”

Erik Svennemar
Sales Director at Scalstrm

A comprehensive guide to digital rights management

Introducing the DRM Ecosystem and Security Best Practices Guide – a comprehensive manual on how to protect your online video content from hackers and pirates. Don’t let them win!

How Multi-DRM works

Get started quickly.

With Multi-DRM, you can be up and running, securely delivering premium content in 3 simple steps:

Supply your native DRM certificates for onboarding.

Receive your private keys within minutes

Deliver unique tokens & DRM-specific details

“…the integration of Streamkeeper Multi-DRM and Watermarking increases the confidence in our platform, provides convenient speed to market with ‘one-click security’ capabilities, and helps us grow our business into new markets and industries that value secure experiences.”

Jay Rinsky
Founder Little Cinema Digital

For best-in-class protection, combine Multi-DRM with Counterspy™ and Watermarking.

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Streamkeeper Suite

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Trusted and Recognized

By industry analysts, associations, and peers