Verimatrix XTD Prevent (formerly App Shield)

Secure your Android and iOS apps in minutes.

Talk to a specialist about protecting your apps with Verimatrix XTD Prevent.

Talk to a specialist about protecting your apps with Verimatrix XTD Prevent.

Securing the best of the best

XTD Prevent (formerly App Shield) keeps you safe from:

Reverse engineering

Application repackaging

Dynamic modification

Man in the device​

Emulators & debuggers

Rooted jailbroken

Protect valuable assets with a flexible cloud solution.

Inject powerful protection directly into your app package (Android APK and iOS xcarchive) with this zero code cloud service. Leverage military-grade protection at SaaS speeds to keep source code, API keys, personal data, and certificates secure.

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Why choose XTD Prevent (formerly App Shield):

View all your android and iOS apps in one place

XTD Prevent's intuitive platform allows you to scale up quickly to add more apps, and have all your data under one roof.

Monitor apps and activities in one dashboard

Monitoring: Understand the threat profile of your install base and drill down into the risk score of an individual app instance.

Alerts: Get real time notification of high-risk events within your ecosystem.

Pre-empt threats before they emerge

XTD Prevent automatically detects when your app is under attack and quickly terminates its own operation, shutting down the threat before damage occurs.

Zero code

XTD Prevent is a cloud service that offers unprecedented protection in minutes, with no integration required. Simply upload your final app for protection and receive a secured version back – ready to publish to the app store of your choice within 10 minutes.

Flexible pricing to meet every need.

Change your plan any time.

Verimatrix XTD

Gain 360° protection against mobile threats from the edge and beyond with Verimatrix XTD.

It only takes one bad actor to infiltrate your enterprise’s data through an app from an unsecured device.

XTD gives you the ability to:

A screenshot showing how AI can be used on the Verimatrix XTD platform to predict cyber threats.

Automated, intelligent, self-defending.

Proven protection

Have confidence that your apps are shielded from reverse engineering with a solution proven in the toughest markets.​

Real time reactions

React immediately to threats and leverage a platform that allows you to monitor and respond to risks.​

No integration

Simple and easy to use service that requires no code changes or integration. Simply upload your final app.​

XTD Prevent
(formerly App Shield) includes:


Tamper prevention creates a comprehensive “check network” to prevent protections from being lifted out of your app.

Environmental checks​

Environment checks allow you to trust that your code is executing where you want it to and not on a device of an attacker’s choosing.

Code obfuscation

Counteract static analysis of your code with powerful control flow, arithmetic and symbol obfuscation.

Achieve compliance

As an ISO certified company (9001 and 27001), Verimatrix Cybersecurity’s solutions help businesses achieve compliance and meet the regulatory standards of the toughest industries, such as Media and Entertainment, Telcos, Finance and Healthcare.




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