Empowering SOCs to eliminate threats.

XTD enables security teams to cut through event noise and get to the root cause of every threat.

Streamline your workflow to focus on the most complex issues. XTD equips SOCs with the tools to efficiently monitor and analyze security events, without compromising in detail. Through machine learning and real-time reports, XTD reduces the workload needed to routinely manage incidents.

How XTD helps SOCs

Peace-Time Analysis

Adopt XTD’s machine learning to ensure every opportunity for prevention and detection is maximized.

A bar graph analysis.
A security operation center receives real-time reports.

In-Depth Insight

Receive real-time reports, identify crucial demographics and understand why an app, device or user is deemed high risk.

Risk Profiling

Assess the risk profile of a user’s app or device before approving high-value transactions through an API provided by XTD.

The risk profile of a user's app or device being assessed.

Securing the best of the best.

Learn how you can manage mobile threats targeting your organization