Verimatrix Counterspy: Securing the Streaming Seas

In this ebook, you wil learn about:

  • The rising threat landscape against streaming apps
  • How attacks on streaming apps lead to losses in reputation and revenue
  • How Verimatrix Counterspy tackles these threats using advanced AI/ML technology

Key Takeaways

Insecure App Breaches

Pirates exploit insecure apps to steal login tokens, decryption keys, and customer data, gaining full access to content services.

Risks to Finance and Reputation

Operators face financial and reputation risks from data leaks, jeopardizing trust as they offer home security, health, and financial services.

Blocking Pirates with Tech

To thwart pirates, new security strategies blend together DRM, watermarking, app protection, and smart monitoring to detect and block compromised apps and emulators.

A Revolutionary Anti-Piracy Solution

Verimatrix Counterspy is a major breakthrough in anti-piracy, integrating security into consumer devices through video apps and addressing gaps from OTT service growth. It offers a comprehensive solution to fight piracy effectively.

A simplified view of Verimatrix Counterspy’s four-step response to app security

Step 1: Secure App Usage

Mandate the use of legitimate apps to ensure constant monitoring and protection, thwarting app emulation attempts.

Step 2: App Fortification

Strengthen apps to deter reverse engineering, while deploying security agents within them to swiftly detect and report suspicious activities.

Step 3: Real-time Monitoring

Utilize embedded security agents to gather real-time app behavior data, enabling the Verimatrix cloud to identify and respond swiftly to high-risk instances.

Step 4: Targeted Countermeasures

Deploy precise countermeasures against compromised devices, apps, and user accounts used by pirates, safeguarding content integrity effectively.

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