Securing experiences at the speed of life ain’t easy. Yet our customers present this formidable challenge to us day in and day out. Every click, tap, and swipe, along with every start, buffer, and stream, must unfold seamlessly to guarantee an optimal consumer experience. 

Delivering billions of video viewership licenses quietly behind the scenes, mostly unnoticed, is what we do best. In the speed story, seamless security is the unsung hero. So, we thought we’d take you behind the curtain, showcasing three short success stories, revealing the challenge, solution, and advantages of Verimatrix’s people-centered, frictionless (and often unseen) protection.

Transforming Optik TV: TELUS's Journey with Verimatrix

Overview: TELUS, a Canadian telecommunications powerhouse, embarked on Project OPUS with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing Optik TV to simplify content interaction for its users. To ensure robust security for this transformation, TELUS chose Verimatrix’s Streamkeeper platform.

Challenges: TELUS faced several challenges, including the need for flexibility, scalability, and establishing a strong North American presence while seamlessly integrating with existing technologies. 

Solution: TELUS partnered with Verimatrix to address these challenges. By leveraging Verimatrix’s hybrid cloud security solutions, TELUS achieved cost-effectiveness, scalability, and geo-diverse services.

Benefits: The collaboration between TELUS and Verimatrix resulted in a cost-effective hybrid cloud infrastructure, scalable services, and a seamless migration process, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience for Optik TV subscribers.

Streamlined integration and a smooth migration path were unwavering requirements for Tom Linder, Director of Content & Consumer DevOps at TELUS: “We couldn’t be more excited to bring our new content delivery solution to market. The team has worked tirelessly to create a truly next-gen content and digital life platform, and we needed a partner who not only shared our vision but who could listen, adapt, customize, and suggest the best path forward. By integrating Verimatrix Streamkeeper’s layered approach to security, we have an incredibly powerful and future-proof system that will serve our customers well for years to come.”

Securing Streams for Hollywood Events: Little Cinema Blossoms

Overview: US-based Little Cinema Digital partnered with Verimatrix to secure pre-release content and deliver engaging virtual premieres using Streamkeeper Multi-DRM and Watermarking.

Challenges: Little Cinema faced challenges such as pre-integration into the Backstage platform, scalability for high-profile Hollywood events, and meeting stringent studio protection standards.

Solution: Verimatrix’s advanced security technology enabled Little Cinema to securely stream highly-anticipated video content to a global audience, shaping the future of Hollywood events.

Benefits: The collaboration between Little Cinema and Verimatrix resulted in over 3 million simulcast viewers, secure hosting of 450+ events, and engagement with over 1.2 million platform attendees, showcasing the success and impact of their partnership. 

“Little Cinema Digital has proven that today’s entertainment premieres and fan experiences can scale to a global ‘At Home’ audience and reach unparalleled engagement for brands and studios alike. We’re seeing amazing retention, social posts, and huge global turnouts for our clients ‘At Home’ premium events and experiences at a fraction of the In-Real-Life costs,” said Jay Rinsky, founder of Little Cinema. “We are one of the few companies that can safely provide virtual experiences that feature pre-release content in a pirate-averse environment. Verimatrix is a great company to work with, and the integration of Streamkeeper Multi-DRM and Watermarking increases confidence in our platform, provides convenient speed to market with ‘one-click security’ capabilities, and helps us grow our business into new markets and industries that value secure experiences.”

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Enhancing Content Security: Swisscom's Transition with Verimatrix

Overview: Switzerland-based Swisscom, a long-time Verimatrix customer, sought to enhance its content security by migrating from on-premises security to Verimatrix’s Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) SaaS in the cloud.

Challenges: Swisscom faced challenges such as migrating from on-premises security to the cloud, maintaining scalability requirements, and future-proofing against piracy.

Solution: Swisscom transitioned to Verimatrix VCAS SaaS on AWS, leveraging scalable, cloud-based anti-piracy operations to enhance content security.

Benefits: The transition to Verimatrix’s cloud-based solution resulted in operational efficiencies, reliability, customizability, and improved customer satisfaction for Swisscom, showcasing the tangible benefits of their partnership with Verimatrix. 

“Having relied upon the on-premises VCAS solution for more than eight years, Swisscom is confident in its move to SaaS-based content security through Verimatrix,” said Marco Lötscher, head of the technology group at Swisscom TV & Smart Products. “The migration makes sense for our business, as it only furthers the value that Verimatrix brings us by enabling more streamlined operations that are accompanied by the reliability of AWS. Our new cloud-based security operations provide Swisscom with the customizability, flexibility, and innovation that we need to best serve our customers.”

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Wrapping Up

Verimatrix secures experiences people love at the speed people live. Just ask Little Cinema, Swisscom, and TELUS. Our mission is to inspire and enable a more secure world where security serves people, not the other way around. Ready to work with us? We’d love a chance to earn your business!