Little Cinema Digital is pioneering how studios and creators debut highly-anticipated new content directly to fans worldwide. With cloud technologies and digital platforms, virtual events now make instant global premieres possible, engaging far more people than traditional in-person red carpet events.

However, these innovations would not be feasible without content protection. Pre-release movies, shows, and live events are prime targets for video piracy.

That’s why Verimatrix partnered closely with Little Cinema Digital to integrate security into their digital premiere platform. This allows compliance with studio standards for protecting pre-release content. By building in anti-piracy measures, Verimatrix empowers Little Cinema to focus on connecting studios and fans through engaging virtual experiences. Together, we are showing how premieres can safely go global.

The early result? 450+ exclusive premiere events and thousands of hours of pre-release content have been streamed via the Little Cinema Digital Backstage platform, and zero piracy has been detected anywhere. Zero [cheers and applause].

Verimatrix prides itself on dreaming up new anti-piracy technologies and then integrating them into pioneering new content production and distribution experiences that are shaping the future of Hollywood. Our multi-year partnership with Little Cinema Digital is just one example.

Already an existing Verimatrix customer, Little Cinema took Verimatrix protections to the next level by incorporating Streamkeeper Multi-DRM and Watermarking into its award-winning Backstage platform. The result is a seamless “one-click” security solution that allows Little Cinema customers to instantly add the latest studio-grade security to any content streamed via Backstage—a remarkable feat. Little Cinema has helped its customers confidently debut A-list, pre-release content for the biggest names in entertainment.

Little Cinema virtually reimagines the magic of Hollywood premieres to deliver amazing new types of digital experiences to influencers everywhere. Their expanded use of Verimatrix protections underscores a shared commitment to innovation with integrity. Said another way, Verimatrix provides the anti-piracy muscle so creators can focus on connecting with fans.

Powering Hundreds of High-Profile Virtual Events

If you haven’t heard of Little Cinema Digital yet, you soon will. Their résumé includes hundreds of high-profile interactive premieres watched by over 15 million viewers worldwide. We’re talking massive virtual events for Coming 2 America, Star Trek Discovery, Xbox, and most recently, the first-ever Netflix Virtual Upfront.

“The sheer star power involved makes security non-negotiable,” said Maria Malinkowitsch, Senior Product Manager for Streamkeeper at Verimatrix. “Little Cinema’s Backstage platform integrates Verimatrix Streamkeeper to enable studio-level protection with just one click. DRM and watermarking technologies thwart potential piracy and content leaks, so studios can premiere pre-release material without hesitation.”

It’s a testament to Little Cinema’s meteoric rise that they’ve already surpassed 1.2 million unique attendees to Verimatrix-protected premieres. Verimatrix is proud to arm them with the confidence and technical capabilities to keep growing while keeping content safe.

A Shared Vision of Innovation

Verimatrix and Little Cinema Digital share a disruptive spirit. We provide the content protections; they provide the pioneering virtual event platform. Together, we’re demonstrating the exciting possibilities of “at-home” entertainment.

Partners like Little Cinema also motivate us to continuously enhance our cybersecurity portfolio. They spur us to innovate so we can offer nimble solutions for the needs of tomorrow. It’s why we integrated Streamkeeper with their platform in the first place: to help maximize reach while minimizing risk.

Forward-thinking companies like Little Cinema Digital recognize Verimatrix as more than just a vendor. We’re collaborators who help accelerate their vision. Our expanded work with Little Cinema shows we’re committed to being the content security partner they can trust as they grow and tackle new frontiers.

“Verimatrix is a great company to work with,” said Jay Rinsky, founder of Little Cinema. “The integration of Streamkeeper Multi-DRM and Watermarking into our Backstage platform provides our customers with ‘one-click security’ to conveniently and securely speed them to market.”

The Future of Going to the Movies

Much as we all love the in-theater experience, the COVID-19 in-person restrictions proved that filmed entertainment can transition to home viewing. Of course, this only increases content protection concerns now that high-quality content can be shared around the globe in an instant. But with partners like Verimatrix, virtual platforms provide secure and engaging new ways to gather the world’s most eager audiences.

Little Cinema’s success is proof. Their numbers show impressive engagement—not just passive viewing but active participation through integrated social features, polls, live Q&As, and more. For studios, it’s a brand-new channel to generate buzz and make direct fan connections.

Beyond Hollywood, the Backstage platform can be utilized by any business in any industry to stream live events of exceptional quality, fully secure. It will be exciting to watch Little Cinema expand their business model into new verticals, bringing “digital wow” to audiences everywhere.

At Verimatrix, we applaud Little Cinema and other innovators who are forging what promises to be a very bright future for virtual premieres and all types of live events. Of course, we’ll be right there, securing every step with anti-piracy technologies that say, “The show will go on.”

Wherever filmed entertainment goes next, Verimatrix will be there to provide the content security technologies that let creators share their art without compromise. It’s people-centered security in action.