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Little Cinema Digital and Verimatrix Revolutionized Hollywood Events

Hollywood studios face immense challenges in securing pre-release content and connecting with fans in the digital era. Little Cinema Digital has become an innovator in this space by providing studios immersive virtual premiere events protected by Verimatrix anti-piracy technologies. This partnership empowers Little Cinema to securely scale digital experiences worldwide while giving studios confidence that their IP is protected.

The Challenge: Replicating the Blockbuster Premiere Experience Online

Major entertainment studios invest heavily in generating buzz and excitement around upcoming releases. In the past, A-list premieres were key events for talent and fans to come together and generate organic hype. But replicating that experience online comes with major hurdles:

  • Pre-release content is highly sought after by pirates who thrive on leaks
  • Virtual events open more attack surfaces for piracy across devices
  • Studios demand ironclad security before showcasing IP to the public
  • Little Cinema Digital is an Emmy-nominated pioneer in designing immersive virtual premiere events for entertainment giants like Netflix, Disney and Warner Brothers. But they struggled to win the trust of cautious studio security teams. Without robust protections, most studios simply wouldn’t risk premiering valuable IP online.

Little Cinema needed a way to guarantee security so studios felt comfortable debuting content. That solution came through a partnership with Verimatrix and its suite of anti-piracy and rights management technologies.

The Solution: An Integrated Platform Securing Blockbuster Content

To solve these challenges, Little Cinema integrated Verimatrix Streamkeeper directly into its event management platform, Backstage. Key components include:

  • Multi-DRM support to encrypt and secure content across networks and devices during events
  • Forensic watermarking embeds tracking data to trace leaks back to the source for takedown
  • Usage analytics to monitor access and consumption in real-time during premieres
  • One-click deployment to instantly activate security for each event

With Verimatrix protections built into the Backstage platform, Little Cinema can activate enterprise-grade security for studios with just one click. The integrated solution brings together:

  • Little Cinema’s expertise in crafting immersive interactive event experiences
  • Verimatrix’s proven anti-piracy technologies trusted by major studios
  • Seamless automation for rapid security deployment at global scale

The Results: Blockbuster Security Expanding Digital Premieres

The success and momentum of this integrated platform speaks for itself:

  • 450+ virtual premieres secured for leading studios and streaming networks
  • Over 15 million views of pre-release studio content protected
  • Attendance scaling to 1.2+ million unique viewers per event
  • 10X higher engagement than typical digital events
  • Zero piracy leaks to date during events

These impressive results are opening new possibilities for studios to engage fans worldwide during critical launch windows.

According to Jay Rinsky, Founder of Little Cinema: “Verimatrix is a great company to work with and the integration of Streamkeeper Multi-DRM and Watermarking increases the confidence in our platform, provides convenient speed to market with ‘one-click security’ capabilities, and helps us grow our business into new markets.”

By integrating Verimatrix protections into its platform, Little Cinema has become an enablement partner for studios reimagining premiere events. The combined solution pioneers a new studio-approved model for generating buzz around tentpole releases.

Building on Early Wins to Redefine Hollywood Premieres

Given the immense success securing high-value Hollywood content, Little Cinema plans to expand integration of Verimatrix technologies:

  • Deeper adoption of Streamkeeper’s cybersecurity toolkit for enhanced real-time threat management
  • Leveraging Verimatrix sed security expertise for high-stakes marketing events across industries
  • Exploring new engagement models like hybrid digital/physical premieres
  • As Bill McGlashan, COO at Verimatrix stated: “Little Cinema Digital’s success demonstrates that security technology, when properly implemented, enables and liberates the content distributors to provide groundbreaking viewing experiences.”

By proving virtual premieres can offer unparalleled scale and engagement with total confidence, Little Cinema Digital has become an indispensable partner for studios embracing digital-first strategies. Their early trust-building work with Verimatrix paved the way for this massive growth into innovative new formats.

Thanks to these fundamental security protections, Little Cinema and its entertainment partners can focus their efforts on continually evolving the modern premiere experience – rather than worrying about digital threats. By combining security expertise and shared dedication to advancing entertainment, Verimatrix and Little Cinema Digital are writing the playbook for the next era of Hollywood premieres.

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