Success Story is a fast-growing multi-platform service for cable television, IPTV, on-demand video, and over-the-top video, licensed to offer extremely valuable and popular content including the English Premier League and Super Soccer. The company also offers heavily admired original programming for children as well as thousands of movies and shows.

Hosted via the Verimatrix Secure Cloud and leveraging a Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) model, Verimatrix Multi-DRM protects live and VOD content streamed by with optimized digital rights management (DRM) capabilities that ensure decryption keys are kept safe and distributed to only authorized users and client devices.

“Whether it’s during an extremely popular live sporting event or kids shows, that moment when you begin to request content is the first impression you can never re-do. Requests Per Minute (RPMs) are key. It has to go well the first time, and Verimatrix’s SaaS service has not disappointed in even the most demanding situations.”

Argi Karuni’s former Head of Technology

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