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#1 Mobile app protection.

Secure your Android, iOS and web apps with advanced obfuscation. Compatible with all browsers, JavaScript, frameworks, and libraries across hybrid environments.

Verimatrix supports Angular, EmberJS, Ionic, Meteor, NativeScript, Next.js, Node.js, Nuxt.js, React, React Native, Vue, Webpack and HTML 5, to name a few!

Televisa's izzi go app protected by Verimatrix.

Threat detection capabilities include:

Shield Android & iOS apps in minutes.

Apply military-grade, layered security to your mobile apps to secure blind spots and harden apps.

Detect suspicious events across your entire app ecosystem.

Get a complete overview of the protection and risk level of your infrastructure with XTD’s SIEM integratable detect and respond dashboard.

Turn threat guidance into action.

When risks are detected, you’re in full control over how you respond to them.

Expect the unexpected.

Leveraging powerful AI/ML algorithms, helps security teams predict potential threats in the future.

Hunt down and take out piracy.

Streamkeeper combines digital content security with app protection to defend against piracy.

Refuse to lose the battle against piracy.

Protect your revenue, subscribers and reputation with next-generation piracy prevention, app protection, risk monitoring and automated countermeasures.

Trace and reveal piracy attempts within minutes.

Watermarking rapidly identifies the source of distribution, ensuring traceability of content leaks from any device.

Create seamless digital experiences secured by our Multi-DRM.

Secure content in 1-click, it doesn’t get easier than Multi-DRM.

It is not a patch;
It is armor.

Streamkeeper Suite combines the capabilities of Multi-DRM, Watermarking and Counterspy to safeguard your entire content distribution ecosystem.

A trusted Video Content Authority System for evolving networks.

VCAS scales as you grow and provides revenue security across a wide range of networks and device types.

We protect the connected.

Verimatrix has helped power the modern connected world with security made for people for over 29 years. We protect digital content, applications, and devices with intuitive, people-centered and frictionless security.

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OWASP Mobile Top 10:

The developer’s guide to securing, detecting & responding to threats to mobile apps

Uncover each of the OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities, with valuable insights and actionable strategies to bolster your app’s defenses.



Verimatrix Counterspy: Securing the Streaming Seas

Get a better understanding of Verimatrix Counterspy, a revolutionary anti-piracy technology that protects OTT & video streaming apps.

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