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Digital Wallets SDK

Secure and Build Your Own NFC Digital Wallets

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Create Seamless Contactless Payment Experiences with a Trusted SDK

As payment technology evolves, issuing banks and merchants must maintain trust while providing a frictionless user experience. Verimatrix Digital Wallets SDK offers integrated tokenization and a customizable white label application for a branded service. 

Easy Integration with Visa and Mastercard

Deploy quickly and achieve Payment Scheme compliance with the world’s most widely used payment cards. Verimatrix’s Digital Wallets SDK is integrated with the token services from Mastercard and Visa. Our suite of Mobile Payment solutions are approved against their cloud-based payments specifications. 

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Enhance Security with Tokenization

Tokenization makes payments more secure and helps you achieve compliance with data privacy regulations by replacing a cardholder’s information with digital tokens. This process also provides an infrastructure that makes provisioning cards into a device much easier.

Keep Control by Deploying On-Premise

Banks can deploy the server within their own data centers – giving them complete control. Verimatrix’s Digital Wallets Server has achieved all the approvals necessary from Visa and MasterCard – for functionality, integration and security. You’ll have confidence that the server is highly secure, easy to connect and rapid to deploy.

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How Verimatrix Protects Digital Wallets

The Capabilities You Need to Create Secure Wallets

Smooth Integration with Banking Apps

Reduce time spent on coding homespun wallets, scheme certification, and testing with an SDK that enables a smooth integration.

Visa Ready

Integrated with Visa’s Token Services, Verimatrix Digital Wallets SDK allows issuing banks and merchants to get up to speed quickly with the world’s largest electronic payment network.

Mastercard Engage Gold Partner

Mobile Payment is integrated with Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES), so issuers won't need to configure their own card portfolio for digitization.

Deploy On-Premise

With this flexible solution, you will be able to deploy the server within your own data center and maintain complete control of your data and ecosystem.

White Label Application

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to customize your solution and accelerate your own branded Mobile Payment services to give users the experience they expect.

Client & Server Solutions

Verimatrix Mobile Payment offers a full client and server solution for Token Requestors (Wallet Providers), enabling end-to-end, comprehensive security.

"Verimatrix provides us with the peace of mind needed to work with demanding financial institutions.”
Bjørn Skjelbred
Intl Business Development, Vipps Norway

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See how Verimatrix can help you deploy your own secure payments.

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