Core Elements to Create Competitive Value through Privacy Policies

The data-privacy landscape is changing in terms of consumer expectations, legislative frameworks, and regulatory enforcement. So how can video service providers best address these challenges to unlock market opportunities, build trust, and ensure relevance of content and programming for viewers?

There are several emergent best practices to help answer this question.

TechPolis and Castlebridge have identified 5 core areas required to develop a trusted privacy policy, which has the potential to create competitive differentiation in our “data driven” age.

Download this paper to understand how you can build and sustain trust with subscribers through data-management policies and practices. These go beyond just keeping privacy data safe –they aim to delight customers through transparency, control, and delivery of value.

"Privacy will become part of your brand. Organisations that recognise this early on will have a competitive advantage. Privacy By Design and Privacy Engineering can support and enhance features."
-Excerpt from White Paper, Best Practices in Data Privacy for Video Service Providers,
Techpolis and Castlebridge

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