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Verimatrix Streamkeeper℠

The Industry’s First Battle-Ready Cybersecurity Solution Engineered to Hunt Down and Take Out Video Piracy

Streamkeeper Foils Piracy

Streamkeeper anti-piracy safeguards the entire OTT content distribution ecosystem by disrupting pirate revenue streams. It combines Multi-DRM, Watermarking, App Shield, Edge Authenticator and Counterspy — the zero-code, auto-injection of an anti-piracy security agent, which instantly adds digital countermeasures with no integration required. With Streamkeeper, security practitioners can protect profits and prevent losses. It even prevents parasitic piracy; no more unlicensed access to the operator’s CDN.

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Streamkeeper Anti-Piracy Bundle

Streamkeeper is best purchased as a bundle, but each product can be purchased separately.


DRM enhanced with one-time authentication tokens​


Security agent that allows throttled response at device level; such as on-screen warnings


Verify actual piracy via fingerprint verification


Prevent pirates from using the operators CDN via tokenization


Autonomous Zero Code Defense

Counterspy is the autonomous injection of an anti-piracy security agent utilizing Verimatrix’ proprietary zero code technology; which allows customers to add deep, defensive countermeasures, plus monitor their clients, without the hassle of a huge integration effort. 

Your New Superpowers With Streamkeeper


Dashboard that predicts risks, tracks trends and infringers​


Reveal pirates and enable countermeasures like throttle, slowdown or shutdown


Edge Authenticator protects access to CDN and secures service platform​


Data collection filtered/refined by artificial intelligence and machine learning


April 2022

Protect or plunder: Surgical strikes to disrupt industrial-scale piracy

New Streamkeeper Feature Coming Soon


Deepscan is a powerful new tool^ to quantify the size and scope of industrial-scale piracy as it relates to your content. This data can then inform anti-piracy actions that can disrupt the pirate’s operations and business model. The result: Discouraged pirates move on to attack less secure competitors instead of you.

In collaboration with MUSO

streamkeeper dashboard desktop screenshot verimatrix

Artist rendering for demonstration purposes only.

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