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Digital rights management with Verimatrix Multi-DRM

Fully Compatible with PlayReady, Widevine and FairPlay

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Multi-DRM for Every Need

TV Operators

Deploy quickly, increase your margins and protect premium content with a scalable Multi-DRM solution that operates in the cloud or on-premise.

Content Providers

Distribute content on your terms with a flexible, future-proof solution that enables seamless viewing on all devices and platforms.

App Developers

Create a secure premium playback app, reduce time-to-market and streamline maintenance while ensuring a consistent user experience.

Leverage Industry-Leading Digital Rights Management Solutions

Get Started in One Day

Dramatically reduce time to market with a studio-compliant solution that can be operational in just one day. Verimatrix Multi-DRM is pre-integrated with a wide range of partners, so you can deploy faster with a solution that works with your existing billing, packagers and applications vendors without hiring costly system integrators.

Deliver a Frictionless User Experience Across All Devices and Networks

Unify multiple DRMs to deliver a consistent user experience across all devices and networks. This flexible solution is compatible with PlayReady, Widevine and FairPlay, so you can efficiently protect premium content no matter where it’s viewed.

Scale Quickly to Meet Demand

A cloud deployment enables flexible access to solutions of any configuration and scale. Meet increasing demand without a glitch during popular live events, and only pay for what you need thanks to an elastic SaaS pricing model.

Comprehensive Client Player Bundle

With the complete client player bundle solution, developers can directly integrate Multi-DRM into mobile apps. All common platforms are supported out of the box, including Android, iOS, tvOS, HTML-5, Smart TVs and gaming consoles. This comprehensive solution comes with client-side watermarking and analytics tools for 360-degree content security.

How Verimatrix Multi-DRM Works

Deploy and Secure Premium Content with Ease

Unified Management

Manage entitlement and access for specific geographic regions, users and all device categories on one unified system.

Simple & Scalable

Get started quickly and only pay for what you need with our elastic SaaS pricing model that eliminates overprovisioning.

On-Prem & Cloud

Deployable on-premise or in the Verimatrix Secure Cloud, this solution meets the varying needs of legacy and migrating networks.

Multi-DRM Support

Compatible with all device types and platforms, this flexible solution empowers seamless content protection and distribution.

Invisible Watermarking

This solution ensures server-side video watermarking for OTT devices, with a client-side option for set-top boxes.

Open APIs

Leverage consistent APIs for all supported platforms and open APIs that seamlessly integrate with your existing partnerships.

“Unifying our security and analytics platforms with Verimatrix gives us better economies of scale.”
Ole Ørndrup
CTO, Waoo

A Dependable Partner to Grow & Protect Your Revenue

Award-Winning Customer Support

Benefit from industry-leading 24/7/365 worldwide customer support. With a customer satisfaction score of 99% and four prestigious Stevie® Awards for Excellence in Customer Service, you can trust our support team to be there when you need them.

Deploy & Scale Faster

Verimatrix Multi-DRM is proven to dramatically reduce time-to-market for service operators, content providers and developers alike. Save valuable time and resources by leveraging our vast ecosystem of pre-integrated partners and deployment experience.

Driving Trust for 25 Years

As industry experts with two decades of experience, many of the world’s largest video service providers trust Verimatrix to protect the systems people depend on every day. Proven, reliable security is critical to protect digital content and the revenue it generates for your business.

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