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Multi-DRM Solution: Secure Digital Rights Management

Welcome to Streamkeeper™ Multi-DRM

Everything You Need to Know About the DRM Ecosystem

Discover how Verimatrix’s Multi-DRM ecosystem approach is setting the new benchmark for online video security.

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You’re Minutes Away from Delivering Secure Premium Content

Get Up and Running at SaaS Speed

Completely Elastic and Scalable

Usage-Based Billing

Feature Rich Content Protection

Say Goodbye to Overpaying and Overprovisioning

As a cloud-native DRM solution, Streamkeeper Multi-DRM takes advantage of the latest cost-saving technologies. This means no more manual scaling or paying for services you don’t use. Truly multi-tenant and elastic, this cloud service offers usage-based billing so you will no longer need to overprovision your infrastructure to prepare for large events.

Deploy a Globally Redundant System

Enhance quality of experience on every device, everywhere in the world with a globally redundant solution. Streamkeeper Multi-DRM reduces latency by delivering keys and licenses to your consumers from their closest geographic region.

Cloud Capabilities for On-Premise Operators

Streamkeeper Multi-DRM is unencumbered by legacy engineering. On-premise operators can significantly lower costs with a hybrid DRM solution that offers subscription and month-to-month billing.

Supported Platforms and Devices

With the complete client player bundle solution, developers can directly integrate Streamkeeper Multi-DRM into mobile apps. All common platforms are supported out of the box.

Key Features of
Streamkeeper Multi-DRM 

Feature rich content protection

With a multi-tenant architecture, you’ll always have the latest supported features for use, such as CMAF packaging and 4K/UHD protection, delivered via hands-free maintenance.

High Availability

Operate without a glitch during popular live events thanks to high availability servers with redundant capabilities and streamlined key delivery. 

Redundancy Capabilities

Operate without a glitch during popular live events thanks to redundancy capabilities and streamlined key delivery.

Unified Management

Manage user entitlement and access by geographic region and device category on one unified system. 

Open APIs

Leverage consistent APIs for all supported platforms while open APIs seamlessly integrate with your existing partnerships. 

Security Features of Streamkeeper Multi-DRM

Advanced DDoS Protection

Verimatrix’s Streamkeeper Multi-DRM extends native cloud security to offer deeper levels of DDoS protection to provide a stable service.

SSL/TLS Scanning

Scanning all communication layers and endpoints used for transporting content security information protects your data.

Country Geo-Fencing

Fine-tune authentication on a per-country basis in order to meet changing needs and satisfy content owners’ demands.

Intrusion Detection

Verimatrix’s continually monitors the cloud services and generates alerts to take appropriate remediation actions when suspicious activities are detected.

Web API Endpoint Safety

Streamkeeper Multi-DRM’s APIs are actively scanned to protect against Open Worldwide Application Security Project® (OWASP) top ten API threats.

How It Works:

Verimatrix Multi-DRM Client / Playerwith Watermarking3rd Party Clients/PlayersVerimatrixMulti-DRMToken RequestsBroadcastOn-demandOTT Client DevicesPolicies & KeysEncrypted ContentKeysBusiness &SubscriberManagementSystemsContentProcessing WorkflowInternetor CDN

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Supply your native DRM certificates for onboarding
Receive your private keys within minutes
Deliver unique tokens & DRM-specific details
Supply your native DRM certificates for onboarding
Receive your private keys within minutes
Deliver unique tokens & DRM-specific details

Easy Add-Ons for 360° Visibility

Streamkeeper Multi-DRM can be easily integrated with Verimatrix Analytics and Watermarking for ultimate visibility and end-to-end protection. Leverage client-side and server-side watermarking and an analytics platform that helps you easily uncover real-time data and historical business intelligence.

Achieve Compliance

As an ISO certified company (9001 and 27001), Verimatrix security solutions help businesses achieve compliance and meet the regulatory standards of the toughest industries, such as Media and Entertainment, Telcos, Finance and Healthcare. 


“Verimatrix's SaaS service has not disappointed in even the most demanding situations. Whether it's during an extremely popular live sporting event or kids shows, that moment when you begin to request content is the first impression you can never re-do. Requests Per Minute (RPMs) are key.”
Argi Karuni’s former Head of Technology

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