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Verimatrix Embedded DRM

Secure Content Outside of Traditional CA and DRM Use Cases

A Secure Software Solution for Embedded and Local Network Use Cases

Verimatrix Embedded DRM addresses the security gaps that occur outside of traditional use cases. This unique software solution is easy to integrate and maintain and is more cost-effective than traditional hardware solutions. Keep content secure in consumer electronics, smart & mobile devices, auto, aviation, event and conferencing scenarios, surveillance applications and IoT deployments.

Reduce Costs and Avoid Dependence on Hardware

Harness the power of flexible software stacks that will fit seamlessly into your existing device and require no design changes to your silicon chip. This helps you avoid dependency on hardware and reduces the cost of material for future devices.
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Meet Security Standards for Premium Content

Premium content owners require a secure connection all the way to a compliant display. Failure to encrypt the “handshake” from the player to each display can be a compliance violation. Verimatrix offers fully flexible High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) and HDCP2 stacks to meet content owner requirements — even for 8K premium content.

Customize Security for Your Environment

The toolkit includes customized software libraries for integrated or installable applications and customized source code for compiling directly into embedded systems. Verimatrix Embedded DRM can adapt to any kind of hardware, with or without Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

Easy Integration with an Embedded Widevine and PlayReady Stack

Verimatrix’s flexible Embedded DRM solution can be integrated directly into set-top boxes on an operating system (OS) or even at the hardware TEE level. This brings the highest security native DRMs into STB’s that would otherwise not support it, allowing for 4K/Ultra certification so you can deliver the premium content your viewers crave.

Verimatrix Embedded DRM Technologies

Secure Content Beyond Traditional Use Cases

Consumer Electronics Connections

Embedded DRM secures connections between Consumer Electronics (CE) devices that cannot be protected by traditional CA and DRM solutions.

Content Transfer on Internal Data Buses

Protect content between hardware instances inside a device to meet high-level studio requirements for early release window and 4K/8K content.

Event & Conferencing Technology

Ensure that content delivery is secure between screens, encoders, and video splitters for event and conferencing applications.

IoT Deployments

Protect signals in the local network between any devices and services. Receive, distribute, and secure content in IoT applications.

Surveillance Applications

Keep A/V signals transmitted by cameras and microphones secure on local networks and ensure that only authorized users can view.

Auto and Aviation

Protect the entire content chain for in-car/in-seat entertainment displays in both auto and aviation applications.

Security Made for People

an aviation integrator who delivered studio-compliant movies to passengers in every seat.

Trusted Security for the Entire Content Delivery Chain

Award-Winning, Industry-Leading Customer Support

Benefit from award-winning 24/7/365 worldwide customer support. With a customer satisfaction score of 99% and four prestigious Stevie® Awards for Excellence in Customer Service, you can trust that your partnership will be valued.

Innovation Beyond CA Systems and DRM

Verimatrix participated in the standardization of DTCP security and our Embedded DRM solution is especially sought after for DTCP software integrations.

Driving Trust for More Than 25 Years

As industry experts with two decades of experience, many of the world’s largest content owners and service providers trust Verimatrix to protect the systems people depend on every day.

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