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IoT security for today's connected world

Accelerate IoT Security with Verimatrix

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The Growing Need to Protect IoT

It has been estimated that there will be more than 41 billion connected IoT devices by 2025.* In this new and bourgeoning market, security and trust are key to future success. The reliability and safety of IoT products depend on robust, end-to-end security approaches tprotect consumers, their data, and your revenue without detracting from user experience. 

Pre-Integrated IoT Security

Deploy quickly and cost-effectively with an array of pre-integrated IoT security solutions. Whether it’s in-vehicle systems, medical devices, industrial automation systems, or Internet of Things manufacturers. Verimatrix’s Software Shielding suite consists of Code Protection, Whitebox and App Shield tools. These solutions integrate within the software development framework to powerfully protect IoT and embedded devices – and their associated sensitive data.

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Ensure Data Security with Endpoint Encryption

Gain a competitive edge by building intelligent and automated security into your products from inception. Verimatrix’s suite of IoT Protection solutions provide end-to-end security for connected vehicles, medical devices, or smart home assistants. As 5G expands threat parameters, safeguard your IoT data both at rest and in transit.

Leverage Cryptographic Keys to Prevent Attacks

Because innovative IoT devices often times require customizable security solutions, toolkits like Verimatrix Whitebox allow your team to design unique, custom cryptographic architectures for your robotic farms, smart city utility grids or any app that powers your connected world against cyber intrusions. Keep your IoT devices, applications and data safe – even if a hacker has complete access to your algorithms.

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Security Solutions to Protect IoT Devices and Networks

Code Shield

Deter and confuse hackers with patented, intelligent, and automated security tools that have been proven in the toughest markets.

Key Shield

Exposed cryptographic keys are an attractive target for hackers. WhiteBox dissolves keys and obscures algorithms to prevent attacks.

App Shield

This solution injects powerful protection directly into your Android and iOS app package without affecting the functionality of your software.
“Verimatrix places both the integration partner and device maker in control of advanced IP protection – that is a powerful selling point, as we continually look to maximize security benefits for our customers.”
Takashi Shigeishi
Senior Sales Manager at Toshiba Information Systems (Japan)

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