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MovieLabs Compliance

Meet MovieLabs’ Specification for Enhanced Content Protection

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Achieve Compliance by Combatting Growing Threats

Demand for premium content is at an all-time high. To keep up, distributors need to meet increasingly stringent MovieLabs specifications and the security demands of studios. Mitigate threats to content security at every stage of the workflow to achieve compliance: 

Ripping Software

All it takes is one skilled criminal to post a single digital copy of stolen content to a file-sharing network – the pirated copy spreads like wildfire and undercuts your entire business.

Legacy Vulnerabilities

Frequent and secure updates are required to ensure that hardware chains don’t become compromised and to protect software media pipelines from common vulnerabilities.

Device Hacking

Content producers are now mandating protection of Over The Top (OTT) Video applications to secure high value video content all the way down the distribution chain to client devices.

What Verimatrix Can Help You Accomplish

Avoid Legacy Vulnerabilities with SaaS Offerings

Verimatrix’s content security solutions can be integrated easily into your continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) pipeline to ensure that the latest improvements become part of every new software update.  

Hardware Root of Trust

The platform shall provide a secure mechanism for DRM systems to store secrets in local, persistent storage in a form encrypted uniquely for the device and, if the platform supports multiple trusted applications or DRMs, uniquely for each in a way that securely prevents a trusted application from decrypting the secrets of others 

Invisible Forensic Watermarking

The system shall have the ability to securely forensically mark video at the server and/or client to recover information necessary to address breaches. • The watermark shall be robust against corruption of the forensic information, including collusion attacks, and transformations and capture techniques that leave the content still watchable. 

Achieve MovieLabs Compliance with End-to-End Content Security:


Protect and optimize the delivery of license keys to all devices and platforms.


Insert invisible, frictionless forensic watermarks on both server and client sides.

TV Everywhere Authentication

A single integration to secure authentications across all devices and platforms.

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