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Verimatrix’s award-winning content security and application protection solutions are trusted by organizations in the toughest and most-regulated markets, including Hollywood, healthcare, live sports and financial services. Our technology protects valuable data and intellectual property from a wide range of attacks, safeguarding revenue and earning customer trust.

Content Owners

Viewers expect video service operators to deliver a seamless multi-network, multi-screen offering across many different devices. Premium content, live streaming events and an easy user experience have become prerequisites to attract new and retain subscribers and avoid costly churn.

Live Esports

Verimatrix offers content and application security to protect the burgeoning markets of esports and gaming. Give gamers and spectators the frictionless experiences they expect with automated, intelligent solutions. Protect gameplay, in-app purchases, and live streams from evolving threats.

Live Sports

While fans expect friction-free viewing experiences, it is critical to ensure that only authorized viewers have access to subscription content. Verimatrix content and application security solutions help you balance security and user experience.

Pay TV

Cable, satellite and OTT service providers must balance the need to offer a friction-free user experience with professional-grade security that keeps premiere video content safe. Verimatrix offers low-impact security solutions that offer ease of use for both you and your customers.

Streaming Media

In under a decade, the number of US households subscribing to paid streaming video services increased by 450%, and it’s critical to secure each viewing session.* Verimatrix offers subscribers seamless experiences while ensuring that content owners’ stringent security requirements are met.

Achieve compliance, even in the toughest industries

Verimatrix security solutions are built to withstand attacks and have been proven successful in the toughest, most-regulated markets such as healthcare, Hollywood, finance and IoT. Verimatrix’s content protection solutions are MovieLabs compliant, our application shielding technology will help you achieve HIPAA security standards, and our mobile payment solutions meets PCI specifications.

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Trusted and Recognized

By industry analysts, associations, and peers

Trusted and Recognized

By industry analysts, associations, and peers