Omdia, the multi-billion-dollar global technology research powerhouse, recently named Verimatrix the unambiguous Momentum Leader in its Video Content Security Scorecard: 2020 Edition. We were also given a high score for overall Market Presence Leadership.

Omdia named Verimatrix the unambiguous Momentum Leader in its Video Content Security Scorecard: 2020 Edition.

Their report summarizes the market’s top content security vendors as well as their positioning, strategies, and strengths. Omdia recognized Verimatrix for its focus, agsressivity, nimbleness, release cadence, desire to innovate, responsiveness to market change challenges and increasing its composite security revenues/market share year over year.

4 Reasons Verimatrix Was Ranked a Momentum Leader

Unparalleled App & Code Protection

Verimatrix’s app and code protection solution has no equal in the market.

Verimatrix Code Protection secures the application itself, providing multiple layers of security for applications, the keys they use, and any sensitive data they process or send to the cloud. Our customers and technology partners benefit from a more holistic approach to security – and Omdia recognized this as a differentiator.

Frictionless TV Everywhere Authentication

Verimatrix’s two-factor, multi-factor, and TVE authentication platform is a technology application that the firm’s peers have largely overlooked. ​​​​

Omdia recognized the importance of offering a common authentication system to reduce friction within the content distribution workflow – enabling our customers to offer TV Everywhere services with ease and make the subscriber value proposition “stickier”, plus tighten security while ensuring scalability.

Rights owners and video service operators strive to deliver the viewing experience consumers demand and expect. Content providers of premium Hollywood movies or even live streaming sports are always looking to strike the right balance between security and the user experience. Strong security is good, but friendly security that is both powerful and easy to implement is even better. This is what we mean when we say we engineer security made for people.

Elegant Implementation with a Single Encryption

Verimatrix offers an elegant implementation backed by a simple principle: encrypt content once and only once, and via a cloud interface, permit owners, rights holders, and aggregators to exchange content and keys securely, and do so across both contribution and distribution networks.

In the classic distribution model, content is encrypted by owners, then sent to an operator or processor where it is decrypted. Next, it must be re-encrypted and distributed to subscribers. This traditional distribution model does not usually allow content owners to enforce timeframes, promotion periods, or DRM policies at a system level. Instead, they must rely on contracts. This model also means that content owners must rely on consumption reports for royalties.

Omdia recognized that content owners working with Verimatrix can enforce entitlements and DRM policies at a system level. Verimatrix distributes both keys and policies. When content is encrypted only once, the cost of processing is decreased, and content owners have more control. Moreover, consumption is reported with transparent, solid data for royalties.

Our Customers Deserve Innovative, Agile Security Solutions 

In an unprotected world, digital experiences need to be secured.

For nearly two decades, Verimatrix has established itself as a leader in the conditional access and digital rights management space, but what continues to set us apart is our drive for innovation. We are constantly developing new security solutions that safeguard digital content, applications and devices that shield our customers and our partners from ever-increasing threats. Omdia recognized this is why Verimatrix thrives in the market. 

Being ranked by Omdia as the unambiguous Momentum Leader in Video Content Security for 2020 is a great affirmation that we are delivering on our mission to power the modern connected world with security made for people.

Read the excerpt from Omdia’s Video Content Security Scorecard 2020 to learn more.