Maturation of the cloud is advancing new content distribution models. Along with the cloud came the promise to transform the whole video service business, connecting content providers and video service operators much more transparently. As the cloud propels us forward, there is a pressing need to modernize the workflow in what has become a fragmented and disjointed video ecosystem as a result of the OTT revolution. These are 3 common problems (and their solutions) that content owners must navigate to ensure future success:

1. Duplication and Fragmentation

In a legacy workflow, a content owner would typically send a mezzanine file to the video operator partner who will run it through transcoding and encryption and other processes to get it ready for the cable system. At the same time, the same mezzanine file is sent to a neighboring satellite broadcaster which may have similar, though not identical, formats and bit rates and processing requirements, for example to accommodate the specifications of the destination set-top box. This is multiplied hundreds of times over and amounts to a tremendous waste of time and resource even as OTT grows.

There is a huge amount of complexity to the OTT workflow and it runs end-to-end through the process. From not having common encode formats or common DRM standards to not having a methodology for managing rights, todifferent coding languages, and the multiplicity of connected TVs, streaming device and apps.

Every fragmentation that occurs, through aggregators or traditional distribution paths, creates basic inefficiencies in the value chain.

The right approach to content distribution will efficiently manage and optimizes the process. With Verimatrix Multi-DRM, content operators are ableto unify multiple DRMs to deliver a consistent user experience across all devices and networks. This flexible solution is compatible with PlayReady, Widevine, and FairPlay, so operators can efficiently protect premium content no matter where it’s viewed.

2. Lack of Visibility and Trust

The limited ability to collect information about how and when content is being consumed, or about how consumers find or navigate through that content, are all challenges of today’s ecosystem.Data exchange and analytics are vitally important. The more data that is shared across the industry, the better the studio offering will be, and the timelier and more tailored the content offer will be from the service provider.

The ability for content providers and operators to receive real-time, meaningful data about consumer interaction with content is absolutely essential for any business that wants to survive in the future. Verimatrix Analytics allows operators to quickly view real-time and historical business data, uncovering helpful insights to boost revenue and reduce subscriber churn.

3. Security Vulnerabilities

While content providers suffer from the lack of tools to meaningfully enforce contracts, the opportunities for mismanagement and content theft at each intermediate point in the encrypt/decrypt chain is putting the security of premium content at unacceptable risk.

Valuable video content must be secured from origination at the content owner to viewer playback. Because video distribution, and especially for OTT,arose in a fairly ad-hoc non-standard manner, encryption and DRM have often been treated as an afterthought. This created a situation in which security and rights have to be layered on top of the workflow – and there canbe gaps. For example, every time content is transcoded at each operator, the content goes back into the clear until it’s re-encrypted once more.

With Verimatrix Watermarking solutions, content is protected during each phase of the workflow, post-production and distribution. Client and server-side solutions are available, and the pre-integrated Reveal Service tracks thesource of piracy within minutes to safeguard your revenue.

A Trusted Partner in Content Distribution

With our wide range of security solutions for content distribution, Verimatrix empowers video service providers to balance the need for friction-free user experiences with enterprise-level security that keeps premiere video contentsafe. Request a demo today to see how Multi-DRM, Verimatrix Analytics, and Verimatrix Watermarking can help grow and safeguard your revenue.