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Video Content Distribution and Consumption: AC/DC & BC

About this event

How Coronavirus Has Changed the Video & Entertainment Market

This energetic online forum was moderated by Verimatrix’s own Lu Bolden and includes an impressive executive panel of industry professionals. Listen in to hear their spirited insights around what’s happening with content distribution and consumption in today’s rapidly changing world.

Get answers to these pressing questions:

  • With international sporting events cancelled, where will people turn to get their sport fix – eSports?
  • Confined consumers are desperate for content — should we rethink credential sharing & new models?
  • With supply chains being disrupted due to the virus, how will the industry keep things humming along?
  • What’s being done to counteract pirates who are hell bent on taking advantage of this crisis?
  • If revenue is driven by reach & relevance — what is customer loyalty driven by?
  • How might the COVID-19 crisis spur creative innovation?

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