The global IoT applications market is rapidly expanding as a result of advances in use cases and business models combined with lower device costs. However, with this rapid growth comes a rising risk of attack as greater connectivity expands the overall “threat surface,” further amplified by several recent damaging cyberattacks.

Verimatrix Vtegrity closes critical security gaps that exist with many current IoT services, which fail to ensure the integrity of connected devices – both at initial deployment and over the subsequent application lifecycle. Vtegrity has been designed to provide the fundamental elements to secure the client software and communication that are essential to protect IoT-based services and associated revenue streams for the entire lifecycle of a device and application.


Device Integrity

HW root of trust, enabling secure boot and secure software update techniques

Communications Integrity

Secure certificate provisioning and device authentication prevents intrusion by unauthorized devices or users

IoT Partner Ecosystem

Leading chipset vendors, device manufacturers, IoT cloud application platforms, and code update services

Service Integrity

Proactive threat monitoring and tamper detection defends against emerging threats or imminent attacks

Lifecycle Management

From time of chipset and device manufacturing, to client provisioning, with real-time code updates, until decommissioning

Operator Analytics

A peer of Verspective Analytics, at cloud level, enabling secure data collection and user insight

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