VCAS for DVB Hybrid

The VCAS for DVB Hybrid solution enables operators to deploy a modern, cost effective broadcast video system with an integrated extension to multi-device streaming that can protect a true TV anywhere, anytime solution. This single content authority approach is ideal for operators expanding business models, partnering with mobile networks and staying ahead of competition.

The VCAS for DVB Hybrid is completely compliant to applicable DVB standards and pre-integrated with a broad range of partner headend and software systems. Close relationships with the major chipset vendors and STB manufacturers has created a marketplace that offers a very wide selection of robust client devices at all different price points.


Advanced business model support

Offering unprecedented
flexibility enabling operators
to redefine pay-TV products
and services

Cardless STB client technology

A modern SW-centric approach that takes full advantage of security functions within modern SoC families to provide a truly cost effective system

Full ABR streaming

Leveraging the best of HLS and MPEG-DASH for on-demand services to hybrid STB, connected TV and mobile devices

Hybrid network support

Fully capable of supporting
HbbTV standard centric
hybrid service delivery

Adaptable for growth

VCAS architecture offers future-proof approach for flexible and scalable system deployments

"We conducted an extensive evaluation of the solution and were very pleased with the platform’s capabilities to secure high-quality broadcast content along with an expanding range of interactive services."
-Fernando Gana, Commercial Manager,
Gtd Imagen

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