VCAS for Broadcast Hybrid

The VCAS for Broadcast Hybrid solution represents the future of pay-TV revenue security as operators transition from a broadcast network to a comprehensive, IP-centric, multi-network service.

Combining sophisticated security technology with intuitive user interfaces, VCAS for Broadcast Hybrid provides a single source for rights management across RF linear, multicast linear, and streamed on-demand content. This enables consumers to enjoy the ideal, seamless screen-to-screen television watching experience.

Farncombe Security Audit badge for VCAS for Broadcast Hybrid solution



Software and IP centric architecture

Completely aligned
with the needs of the next
generation software empowered
video operator

Enables premium UHD/4K
service delivery

Enhanced security profiles consistent with the MovieLabs requirements for UHD services, including VideoMark watermarking and support for Trusted Execution Environments

Cloud deployment support

Flexible configurations to support
on-premises, cloud or mixed
deployment modes

Harmonized ABR security

Advanced streaming security for HLS and MPEG-DASH standards for STBs and the broadest range of CE device types

Enhanced monitoring and management capability

Wired for extended instrumentation and remote management via Verspective

deployment models

Supports fully scalable hybrid, IPTV and OTT delivery system architectures

"We chose to extend our collaboration with Verimatrix because VCAS has proven to be a robust and reliable revenue security platform."
-Sanin Kahvedzic, Head of service sector BH Line,
BH Telecom

Verimatrix continues to provide opportunities for operators to grow and build their business.

VCAS for IPTV is now a subset of VCAS for Broadcast Hybrid, as it includes both multi-cast over IP networks or RF broadcast over DVB.

The VCAS for IPTV solution makes it possible for operators to tackle new service delivery challenges with confidence, while staying ahead of competitors.

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