MultiRights OTT

Video service operators don’t want to have to deal with the complexity of rights management across a fast moving and increasingly divided world of consumer electronic devices and desktop browsers. Any glitches in entitlement can compromise consumers' enjoyment of the content they want. With the Verimatrix MultiRights OTT solution, operators can provide a transparent consumption experience using cross-DRM domain management while comprehensively protecting valuable services.

MultiRights OTT provides options to manage different DRM implementations across HLS, Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH content formats. Verimatrix not only provides a common infrastructure, but also commits to long term maintenance of the solution as component technologies evolve.


Single Content Authority

Harmonized rights management logic provides a unified treatment for devices using native DRM clients and stream formats

Live and On-demand Services

Broadest range of encoder and packager key management interfaces to support live and on-demand service workflows

Core Internet TV Support

VCAS for Internet TV provides a core security infrastructure for OTT services to iOS, Android, smart TVs and STBs, and legacy browsers.

Modular DRM extensions

Framework enables inclusion of additional third-party DRM regimes under the VCAS platform for end-to-end management of revenue security

"We are pleased to work with Verimatrix, a leader in the digital TV security market, to extend VCAS support to the base of PlayReady devices."
-Garrett Glanz, Senior Director of the Media Platforms Business,
Microsoft Corp.
VCAS for Internet TV

Verimatrix is a leader in adaptive bitrate streaming solutions. The award winning VCAS for Internet TV provides a Verimatrix optimized multi-screen DRM solution for OTT video services in HLS and MPEG-DASH formats. VCAS for Internet TV ensures decryption keys are kept safe and distributed to only authorized users and client devices.

Broadest range
of client devices

Full app/browser support for video delivery to iOS, Android, PC, Mac, connected TV and STBs

Fairplay Streaming enhanced for premium services

Apple Fairplay Streaming support
for selected devices
and services

TEE integration

ViewRight client leverages device security hardware support where available

Server centric entitlement

Modern online-oriented security architecture minimizes sensitive logic & storage on clients

Continuous key
rotation option

Key management offers low overhead rotation approach to track program boundary and stream usage

Gateway distribution

Lightweight content re-packaging
module for secure
local re-distribution

Offline & Electronic Sell-through (EST) models

Configurable policies for local download and offline consumption business models

Cross-platform player SDK

Security integrated within sophisticated SDK for multi-platform player development

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